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Flowers of Evil ep9: running from nothing to nothing

I don’t know how you straddle the fence between winning and losing at life, but Kasuga’s doing his damnedest to stay there.  With hardly a chance to catch his breath upon the realization that he’s failed to confess his misdeeds to Saeki and the class, despite his absolutely insane display of guilt, he’s confronted by Saeki.  She’s not stupid, far from it.  Despite his attempts at breaking up with her (probably as another way of atoning for something he could easily be forgiven for), she tells him that she knows that he made that mess in the classroom.  And she wants to know why he’s acting the way he is. She can’t get any answers out of the little idiot, and Nakamura sure as hell isn’t going to help, so she runs off.

With everyone evacuated from the school based on fears of some sociopath stalking the grounds, Kasuga’s left at home with a very suspicious (as always) mother. Things unravel however when Saeki shows up at the house, and when he tries to avoid seeing her by assuming a turtle stance, and the fetal position (yay courage).  This backfires badly though.  As Saeki decides to talk to Kasuga from the sidewalk, and yell her comments and feelings to him. And while Saeki’s undoubtedly heartfelt words are effective and even romantic, they still manage to get Kasuga in hot water. She mentions out loud about the gym clothes and Kasuga’s mom gets wind of it and puts things together.  She already knows about what happened at school, and the heavily ink stained clothes she finds in the laundry are more than enough evidence for her to confront her son. Too bad for her, Kasuga’s fight or flight response button is always set to flight. He shoves her aside and bolts out of the house and straight down the road. Ha!

His panicked jog isn’t aimless though, as he makes his way to his and Nakamura’s usual spot by the river, where she is waiting. I’d dare say that when we see her, Nakamura almost looks radiant. The atmosphere is awkward, but that’s somewhat the usual for these two, even in this circumstance. When they see that Kasuga’s mom has started looking for him on a bike, she suggests that they go somewhere. And that somewhere is the place beyond the hills that she originally wanted him to take her to several episodes ago. She even still has his bike stashed away. So while Kasuga’s mother frantically darts around the streets of town looking for him, her son has runaway (likely temporarily) to some hidden place with some weirdo girl. Actually, that isn’t too strange for a teenage boy. I’d dare say it’s worth the memories. Anyway, Saeki’s gotten wind of the predicament now, and I wonder if she’ll be able to track to the two melodramatic idiots down?

Oh the melodrama in this show. It just doesn’t stop. But there was something important I took away from this episode. When Saeki mentioned that what Kasuga did with her clothes was kinda normal. Boys do have crushes, and when they do they sometimes do dumb, hurtful stuff. It’s something that starts in elementary school! Hell, there was this girl in grade school named Antoinette (my mom’s middle name by the way) and I would call her “Mushroom Head” (for her haircut) and fight with her all the time. I thought she was cute, but I was too much of a moron to admit, so that’s how I expressed. It was dumb, but I’m over it. And hopefully she’s long forgotten my behaviour and would not punch me in the face if she ever saw me again.

My point to mentioning that little story, is that Saeki directly gives Kasuga an out, she absolves him completely of any guilt. Kasuga has no excuse for avoiding her. So when he does, it begs the question, what does he want? This has come up before, too.  What is he expecting from their relationship?  Is he really expecting a goddess?  Did his opinion of her subconsciously sink the moment told him that she wanted his penis?  Or does he really want Nakamura and the understanding and abuse she provides?  Or perhaps he’s just a little idiot who doesn’t know what he wants besides being coddled and noticed?

I have to say that Nakamura is turning out to be the perfect partner for him, for better or worse.  She doesn’t give a damn about love or sex, it seems.  And she definitely won’t let a weak slime ball like him just mooch off of her attention and emotions.  She’s brutally honest with her goals, desires and opinions.  Part of me is thinking that she’s this way to hide her own broken emotions and past.  it’s a sort of strategy that assumes the best defense is a good offense.  She attacks and breaks down others, not allowing someone the opportunity to do the same.  I’m not saying she’s sensitive in the least.  She just seems broken.

By the way, Kasuga’s mom is scarily familiar to me.  I’m not saying she’s just like my mom, but she’s a very realistic one.  She’s an annoying busybody, but what do you expect from someone like that?  I almost feel sorry for her.  Now that I think about it, doesn’t Kasuga have a cell phone?  I’m not sure, but if he did shouldn’t she call it?  Oh well, he probably left without it, and she probably left without hers.  I’m interested to see if a little common sense and some calm demeanors can even the next episode out.  I’m rooting against that though, as this series is too entertaining when it involves people consistently making bad choices.

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  1. June 3, 2013 at 05:43

    I’m really interested to see whether or not Nakamura and Kasuga (but especially Kasuga) take this whole running away thing the entire way. I expect most kids and some teenagers have ‘running away from home’ stories that ended in them realising it’s too hard or just too extreme to suddenly cut all family ties and start life anew, but Aku no Hana is an extreme series – I feel like almost anything could happen.

  1. June 10, 2013 at 06:19

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