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Attack on Titan ep9: I bet you wish you were dreaming

It’s just amazing to me how popular a show like this has become. Despite how dark and gory this show can be, it’s still captured a wide audience.  And now I’m along for the ride too, the aspect of this show where I knew what was going to happen next is over. It’s time I started living this show.

Things jump around a little bit at the beginning of the episode, as we’re shown the elite reconnaissance unit leaving the confines of Wall Rose to titan infested territory before the attack on Trost.  I find it a tad funny that they’re said to represent mankind’s wisdom, since such expeditions before have yielded not much of anything in the way of new knowledge. But I’m shown very quickly just how that may have now changed.

His name is Levi. Corporal Levi. And he and his bespectacled and gay (happy, not the sexual orientation) partner are what I would call – a pair of badasses. As we’re shown one person being cruelly gnawed on by a titan, he’s saved by this unique personality. Levi is amazing. For the first time I’ve seen Mikasa’s equal, maybe her better. While other fear the titans, he tackles their presence with an assassin’s professionalism. It’s nice to watch given my complaints from previous episodes. His partner practically plays with the titans, like they’re prey. It’s exciting to see these characters in action, partly because they seem like they may be genuinely good people. I look forward to seeing more of them in upcoming episodes. Maybe. And I’ll explain that maybe later.

We’re then introduced to a memorable scene. A disturbing scene. A f*cking charcoal bag of nightmare fuel of a scene! We see Eren inside the stomach of the titan that had just eaten him. He sits there, in a pool of blood and human body parts….

Eren even hears the dying lamentations of a girl, or her head just before it expires and sinks into the blood pool with the rest of the corpses. This brings up memories of his dead mother and his death, and he understandably breaks down into tears and lamentation and bitterness of his own. There’s Eren lying in this (literally) steaming hot stew of blood and guts crying and cursing his fate. He’s desperately reaching out for hope when it happens. We finally see how he was born a titan, sort of.

Somehow a giant forearm burst out of the mouth of the titan that ate Eren, killing it. And the renegade titan that we now know as Eren emerges. The f*ck man?! The f*ck?! We’re witness to the first hateful moments of Eren’s new titan life.

Unfortunately, this causes a bit of a problem as we then see that Eren has been “dream remembering” what birthed him as he is now, and everyone hears his mumbling about wanting to “kill everyone”. I’m sure if Eren could remember what he just dreamed and explained to everyone the situation things would be fine. Actually that’s wrong. I don’t think anyone would change their minds at the moment. Eren has awoken next to Armin, with Mikasa standing in front of them, and at least a platoon of soldiers surrounding them with swords pointed. To make matters worse, that skittish, cowardly commander who abandoned everyone a couple of episodes ago is in charge again, and pointing a cannon at them, too! This moron asks Eren to answer a simple question, is he human or titan?

I’ll give Eren some slack because he just woke up out of a murderous stupor, and practically relieved his death and resurrection under the most improbable of circumstances. But he’s gotta know that everyone is afraid of him because they saw him come out of a titan, or the rumors spread and they got wind of it. If you tell the cowardly commander that you’re a titan, he’s going to have that cannon blow your damn head off! Eren answers correctly, but it’s pointless because the commander was gonna kill him anyone. You know, he has to be sure.

As Eren, Mikasa and Armin try to escape the longest, most delayed cannon shot ever, Eren remembers a rather stunning and important detail. We see that his father injected him with something, probably fluid from a titan. What an asshole! Sorry, I’m not censoring that one, it needs to be said. What. An. Asshole!

I guess this was part of his plan to better understand the titans, or to somehow protect his family through Eren, but I still think he needs his balls cut off. Ugh! I’m sure he’s got an explanation for this, and it’s in that damn basement that his father says is so damn important, but right now I want him dead!

*ahem* Sorry, I’m a dad and I can’t see someone being that foolish or desperate.

This scene sparks something in Eren’s mind, and he somehow knows to bit himself to unleash his titan powers, at least partially. He’s able to use a partial titan body to stop the cannon ball, and save himself and friends.

End of an awesome episode.

There are a myriad of thoughts running through my head, as I think about how much the world is opening up now just thanks to Eren’s “affliction”. I’m thinking about how perhaps the three of them will have to go on a journey alone outside the walls to discover what has happened to the world and the origins of the titans. I think about the new recon unit out there making their way through the world, and the awesome new characters we’ve seen. And I think about Eren’s dad, and the fact that he’s practically a mad scientist now.

And I’m thinking these things for distinct reasons. Mainly I’m thinking that simply because I don’t see these people trusting, let alone living with a titan. Most all of mankind was already terrified of these demigods before Trost fell, but now that the terror is fresh in their minds there won’t be any turning back. Maybe the newer cadets like Jean and Connie might be understanding, but we’ve already been shown that this world can be quite callous and corrupt. I’d love to see Eren work with humanity to take back all the walls and expand mankind’s territory. But I’m sure they’re gonna be on the run for most of the series. That concept will probably make for a better narrative anyway.

I don’t usually go around guessing the future plot this much, but I’m genuinely excited for this show. And I hope greatly that it’s popularity continues to grow.

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  1. June 2, 2013 at 01:14

    It’s not surprising to me that so many people adore this series – it’s not despite the dark and gorey aspects, it’s because of them. There are other reasons too of course, but very generally speaking, some of the most popular and/or hyped-up anime have often been the violent and bloodier ones – Baccano, Elfen Lied, Black Lagoon… too many to list here.
    On another note, this episode made me wonder if Sasha and Petra are somehow related. They look similar, and both seem to have very quirky personalities.

    • June 2, 2013 at 01:33

      Good point! I swear they’re from the same mold. Man, I’m so excited about these new characters!

  2. Kencana
    June 2, 2013 at 03:10

    “And he and his bespectacled and gay”
    Uhm… you mean Hanji? Hanji is a woman.

  3. June 2, 2013 at 03:41

    “And he and his bespectacled and gay (happy, not the sexual orientation) partner ”

    Gay, as in happy, merry or cheerful.

  4. June 2, 2013 at 08:56

    I disagree with your opinion of Eren’s father. In the flashback we see that Grisha is crying while injecting his son with the mysterious drug. I think that he knew he was doing something terrible to his own son but at the same time he was giving him a powerful weapon to fight the Titans. From what was shown so far, Grisha doesn’t strike me as a Gendo Ikari. I think he is a good man who had to keep a lot of secrets due to his work.

    • June 3, 2013 at 03:18

      I’ll give you that point. And I recognize that it did ultimately save Eren’s life. I just have a strong personal reaction to dad’s doing sh*tty things. Gendou Ikari and Shou Tucker are worse than Eren’s dad by far. It just looks like such a sh*tty thing to do to a kid.

  1. June 8, 2013 at 22:07

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