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Flowers of Evil ep8: it comes from the heart

Artistic. Artistic is the word I will use to describe this episode, and I will say it’s the factor that has dictated this series aesthetic direction from its inception. Flowers of Evil is most interested in not so much telling the story, but letting the viewer “feel it. Which may lead to some questionable choices. I will say though, no matter how this is paced, I was happy to feel this episode.

After the near orgasmic episode of vandalism from episode seven, we are shown Kasuga and Nakamura leaving the school hand in hand. And the episode takes its time showing us what may very nearly be their entire trek back to their homes, with nary a crack of sunlight peeking over the mountains to illuminate their way. I was sure enough from the last episode that they shared a moment. And strangely enough this has turned out to be the most romantic moment of the series. Two delinquents walking home, leisurely, hand in hand, as they wait their fate after a night of once in a lifetime fun.

Kasuga is able to clean up, but not sleep. Quite understandable when you’ve vandalized your classroom to a level that’s only eclipsed by setting it on fire! Not to mention that you confessed on its blackboard, and likely horribly embarrassed your girlfriend, who is probably the best thing that has ever happened to you socially. His walk to school must feel like a walk down the “green mile” for him. Which is why he almost chickens out just outside the school grounds. He can’t stop imagining the disapproving faces and voices of his classmates, which I find interesting because I’d personally be more worried about the punishment laid down by the school and my parents’ reaction. And I don’t doubt that he would have panicked and sprinted all the way to a train station if not for running into Saeki right then. She once again beats his conscience to a pulp with kindness and understanding.

Once inside though, the classroom is full of frenzied, panicked, excited and somber students. Saeki’s gym clothes are prominently displayed in the middle of the carnage, and it doesn’t take poor Saeki long to see them and slink to the ground. To Kasuga’s amazement, his name was accidentally covered up by the ink, so no one is able to pin it on him. Though when he sees Nakamura she playfully sticks her tongue out at him and smiles. I swear, it really does feel like these two just had sex the night before.

The class is sent to the gym where the principal updates everyone in the school on what has happened, and then sends their class home, for safety’s sake. Outside, we see Kasuga about to heave from the anxiety. He looks like he’s on the edge of having a panic attack. Nakamura finds him there and happily tells him how happy it made her, and how he can now stand proud now that he’s made some progress and broken down one of those wall that she keeps talking about. Their celebration is interrupted though when Saeki shows up. Kasuga sees in her eyes that something is up. He tries to break up with her and run away, but that’s not going to save him. She’s noticed the Flower of Evil drawings in the room, and because of Kasuga and their date, she knows where it came from. She knows what Kasuga’s done.

I loved this episode all the way through. I enjoyed how Kasuga and Nakamura’s walk was elongated, and almost completely silent. I loved how Kasuga’s walk to school was almost the exact same thing. It reflects how the event is sinking in, it shows how the characters are basking in it, or slowly dreading what is to come.

That said, there really isn’t that much to say about this episode because of all the silence, the lack of dialogue, and all the reaction shots. I’m looking forward to see the fireworks come next episode, when Kasuga has to deal with embarrassing and deceiving a girl who has been nothing but kind, trusting and understanding to him. I wonder if Nakamura will say anything? Hell, I wonder if there will be a catfight, or just a lot of shaming going down? Perhaps this may even reveal an upcoming twist.

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  1. May 30, 2013 at 02:59

    One of the things I really love about this series is the amount of negative space – usually created by the lack of dialogue. I love anime dearly, but one of my biggest pet peeves of the medium is that there’s often a lot of totally unnecessary dialogue, and I have a lot of respect for those anime that can use silence effectively. Aku no Hana is definitely one of them. It would get tedious if this happened all the time of course, and dialogue is still pretty damn important sometimes, but after the excitement of episode 7, in this episode I didn’t mind it.

    • June 2, 2013 at 01:51

      I was watching a video on Blip where JesuOtaku was talking about how since Haruhi, there have been a sh*t ton of visual novel and novel adaptations to anime that have had a very talkative style to them. Not all of this is bad, but some of it is for the worst. So I do appreciate how the silence from this show often doesn’t come from the breaths between sentences, but from actual life being something that happens without verbal communication at times. Sometimes the sound of footsteps and breathing are all that’s needed.

      • June 2, 2013 at 03:06

        I agree. Aku no Hana is one of the best anime examples I can think of that has a lot of life without necessarily relying on verbal communication, although I distinctly remember feeling the same way about Usagi Drop, a personal favourite anime of mine.

  1. June 3, 2013 at 03:05

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