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Valvrave ep7: an epic sweep

Well the tone has certainly shifted!  Though the situation is still at a stalemate, we’re starting to see bodies now.  And an alliance seems to be inevitable between the two more powerful characters in this show.

I’m sure I’ve written somewhere (that’s right, I don’t like to do research even on myself), that I don’t generally like it when narratives jump around.  Though I suppose the opening scene of episode seven of Valvrave is decent bit of foreshadowing.  Though it appears to be stupidly far in the future.  We see Saki’s valvrave dog fighting with another machine that looked somewhat similar to the machines Dorssia now uses.  She wins the battle despite her valvrave nearly overheating, and does so in spectacular fashion.  She then opens up a pocket watch, though we can’t see what’s inside it, and says something about keeping a promise after two hundred years.

Start opening credits.

The hell was that?!  This show is heavily in to prophecy apparently.  And I’m a little pissed that it’s showing me scenes from the future, when I’ve just gotten used to understanding what’s going on in its present!

Speaking of the present, that’s where the rest of this episode thankfully takes place.  The student council president, who every episode shows himself to be more and more of a useless and spoiled chilcd, is arguing with Haruto over ownership of the valvraves.  He rightfully believes that the valvraves should be under the jurisdiction of the governing body, who unfortunately is just a high school student council.  But he doesn’t know what most viewers and Haruto know.  That the valvraves are very unnatural machines that turn their pilots into beasts.  It’s a stalemate (a popular concept in this show) until Shouko and the physics professor intervene.  And the student council president runs off to pout.  We are then treated to a quick scene of A-Drei taking pics at some place that seems to have incomplete valvraves.

Back within the school, the council president (this is taking too long – *looks up name*) Satomi is sulking when Takahi shows up and summons him to a quiet corner.  She says something about it not being the same as Satomi leans in to kiss her.  That’s when I got the clue that it was actually Saki in her body.  When then see that little hacker girl, Akira has been watching the whole scene, when then see that she’s spying on L-Elf as well, who seems to be doing something with a fire extinguisher.

The setting then flips to another part of the school, where there is a cooking class going on and we learn that via Iron Chef rules, Shouko gets a zero for presentation, but a ten for actual cooking talent.  This scene is interrupted though by the ever busy L-Elf.  He gives Shouko a proposal/prediction for New Jior as a military state.  And of course Shouko rejects it.  Being almost always prepared, and almost never surprised, we see that L-Elf has been working all this time for this particular situation.  He takes electronic control of the whole school and then declares himself the new ruler.  And this is why I never take this show too seriously.

L-Elf then finds Haruto and tricks him into a trap.  I’m sure he had some plan to negotiate with Haruto, but they didn’t get very far because A-Drei has shown up, and he’s desperate to advance the plot of this show into its more interesting space military combat aspects.

I’m a little confused as to how things go from here on out.  One point of confusion is that A-Drei consistently says that L-Elf isn’t a traitor, but he takes lethal shots at him, filling Haruto full of holes in the process.  Then we see Q-Vier show up, and being the little psycho that he is, he ignores orders to capture L-Elf and instead starts filling the hangar bay they’re all in with giant bullets from the mech he’s snuck inside.  An innocent girl is killed, gruesomely.  And Haruto is injured again when a large beam skewers his leg!  F*ck!  I know the guy is immortal (in theory), but this is just comically abusing his gift.  We may as well rename Haruto, Wolverine!

By now the people L-Elf has tied up have been discovered and freed.  Shouko is the first one to make it back to the command center when she sees the carnage and manages to take Q-Vier’s mech into the catapult and launch it out of the colony, where a Dorssian assault force is waiting.  I have no idea how the kids in this colony are still alive.  Shouko launches, but is quickly made ineffective via electromagnetic strips that attach to her machine and incapacitate it.

Back in the hangar, L-Elf sees that Haruto isn’t gonna be able to go anywhere and asks him to bite him.  Seeing as how there are plenty of lives on the line, and not many choices to make in this area, Haruto takes him up on the offer.  Once out there in L-Elf’s body, and using L-Elf’s notes, he’s able to quickly damage the machine that incapacitated Saki’s machine.  The Dorssian assault force comically leaves after that one set back like a group of goofy Saturday morning cartoon enemies, and the day is saved.

The episode ends on a very dour and weird note as one of Haruto’s closer friends, Kyuuma sees the murdered and shattered body of the girl in the hangar during the attack, Aina.  He goes nuts, and then we’re thrown back to a scene of Haruto in the cockpit.  He sees a photo of some little girl that was hidden in L-Elf’s pants leg and starts crying uncontrollably.

End of episode.

OK!  OK!  Whoa.

This show has started to go down a seemingly more serious path.  And this episode has given us plenty of plot points to grasp on to.  Anyone who has missed L-Elf won’t be disappointed here.  It looks like this guy isn’t just a robot.  Behind all the scheming, killing and prophecy there may be a real human motivation behind this character.  Though we’re given the vaguest of hints by simply being shown a photo of a little girl and some crying.  Is the girl alive or dead?  Is she free or being held hostage?  Is it his sister or a creepy crush (because the girl looks like she’s nine)?  As crazy as this show can be, it could be his heart taken human form and running around in a quest to be cute, when it couldn’t be so in the chest of heartless killer like L-Elf.

Then there’s the whole traitor thing.  A-Drei seems to have a quite a bit of ambition, and isn’t nearly as blinded by vengeance and the sting of betrayal and a lost eye as I though he’d be.  He still has every intention of having L-Elf work under him.  While L-Elf seems to have similar ideas, but he prefers to be in charge, and use Haruto as his biggest supporter.  Even in the midst of their battle, A-Drei still maintains that L-Elf isn’t a traitor.  It makes me wonder if there’s a bond between some of the characters we don’t know about or understand as of yet?

Also with Aina dead, that’s gonna cause some friction among the kids in the colony.  Though it was in no way Haruto’s fault she was killed, by the dumb laws of anime, he has to be blamed for dramatic tension and character development.  That reminds me, if Aina was killed when she was caught in some fiery explosion, why isn’t she horribly burned all over?  Aside from the – you know what?  Never mind.  I’m sure the shock of losing her arm killed her.  We’ll just leave it at that.

The mysteries of the valvrave still haven’t even been touched, yet.  And the flash-forward we got at the beginning of the episode makes me wonder if time travel may be involved, or something crazier to describe this technology and perhaps L-Elf’s prophecies.

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