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Attack on Titan ep8: it’s been a gas, but we gotta go!

Well I hope no one spoiled the big reveal for this episode. I’ve done my best not to give any hints. And post this post, I’ll be just as ignorant as anybody else just starting this series. So let’s talk about what made me love this series so much as a manga.

Returning back to the mayhem that has plagued this series for about three straight weeks, we see Mikasa, Connie and Armin gathering themselves to catch up with the group, and try to sneak into HQ past the surrounding titans. Armin gets the idea to try to sweep out the surrounding titans so that the rebel titan that work his way towards HQ and act as a distraction. Connie thinks it’s nuts, but Mikasa sees the logic and everyone goes along with the plan.

Meanwhile, Jean and the rest of the survivors are still cowering before a group of titans that has eaten their comrades. Jean notices that they’re somewhat concentrated around the carnage and commands everyone to make a break for the tower. It’s a mad rush there, and a decent portion of the group gets munched on, Jean was almost one of them. They make it to the tower spectacularly, and he doesn’t waste any time punching on of the cowering support squad members in the face for being such a group of f*ck-ups. The festivities are quickly broken up though, as a pair of curious titans break through a wall to take a gander at everyone.

It looks like it’s the end of the for the soldiers that just made it to the tower in all this carnage. But just then the titans are attacked and we see that Armin’s plan to use the renegade titan worked. Hell yeah! As they say in the sports world, we got a game now!

The soldiers now have time as the renegade titan continues to battle every other titan in sight. An important note is that it doesn’t just punch its opponents, the entire time it has been using advanced hand to hand techniques in incredibly brutal fashion and precision.

Armin uses this brutal display to formulate a plan for everyone to work together to eliminate the smaller titans that have invaded the supply room with all their gas. He’s amazed that everyone would go along so easily with such an audacious and dangerous plan, but they don’t exactly have any other choice. And the plan is executed almost flawlessly, except for the fact that it relied on all the titans being killed simultaneously by surprise. Connie and potato girl (I know her name’s Sasha Blouse, but I love my nicknames) miss their targets and have to be saved. But thankfully their comrades have just enough time to do that.

Once everyone is suitably gassed up, the soldiers begin leaving for the last great wall and safety. But our main characters are the last to leave, and ponder the rebel titan that has basically saved their lives. It’s losing the battle now, and slowly beating eaten by about five or six titans. It appears to be spent, as it’s unable to even regenerate its injuries now. The group ponders whether they should help it, seeing as it could be a really useful specimen and help the humans learn about their arch enemy. Though that sentiment begs the question of how you control, confine or even capture such a beast? That becomes a void point though, as the rebel titan mounts on last desperate attack, murdering (I use this word very deliberately) the remaining titans before seemingly expiring itself. Though instead of seeing a large corpse expire into the atmosphere, the witness a tiny human body inside. It’s Eren’s body! Mikasa rather than question reality as Armin and everyone else does, runs up to him, holds him a cries her heart out. Armin runs up to him as well, but noticing how Eren now has his lost limbs back, wonders how such a thing could be possible.

End of episode.

And what a great episode, too. A lot of the characters who survived this will be stronger for it. As I imagined some of them will be scarred for life, too. Jean showed that he could be a competent leader in the heat of all this carnage. A fellow soldier spelled out his talent well, stating that he wasn’t strong, but that gave him empathy and an ability to properly judge his men. Mikasa is just Mikasa, she’s an amazing talented character. And I believe she performed as spectacularly as expected. Though I think that after this near death episode with Eren, she’ll be a hell of a lot more protective than she even was before. Armin has shown himself to be an adept tactician, even if he is prone to panic and depression. Then again, in this series it seems like everyone has that problem. I’m sure even potato girl has learned a valuable lesson through all this.

As for Eren, he’s gonna have hell to pay for all this. As absolutely terrified of titans as humanity is, he’s probably on the fast track for a beheading after this. Humanity as a whole hasn’t shown much strong leadership. It’s mostly been incompetent or corrupt from what I’ve seen. This newest generation is humanity’s best hope. And having a titan fighting for them is a once in forever miracle. Having just survived sure death, I can’t imagine Eren will just as quickly be killed again though. The question is how do you save him from a scared populace.

There are a ton of questions left to answer, but I’ll address that stuff later. I’m just happy the show has finally made it to this point.

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  3. May 26, 2013 at 07:27

    This was probably my favourite episode of the series so far – although it seemed like there were even more still shots in this one than usual. When the animation is good in this series it’s really great, but then there are these seemingly random still frames that are just sort of thrown awkwardly in there. There are some really good things about this show, but the overall art direction isn’t one of them.

    • May 27, 2013 at 20:13

      Yeah, perhaps it’s their way of subtly saving money. Anime is very good at bringing still images to life to make it seem like the scene is dynamic. Panning and zooming are good examples, and this show does that quite a bit. But I’ll take that over recycled animation any day of the week.

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