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Majestic Prince ep8: blade mode!

Ah yeah! Just when I’d opened my mouth and called this show slightly average, it shows me an amazing space battle. It’s high time this show shoved aside all that character development and moral lesson crap and just threw punches! Let’s go!

So the Battle of Ceres has begun and Captain… f*ck it, I don’t care to learn this incompetent’s name, so we’ll just call him Captain Incompetence. So Captain Incompetence for some reason decides to suddenly up the time table for battle and launches their assault not only before their super weapon is ready, but before most of the g*ddamm fleet has finished preparations! It practically went like this:

Capt. Incompetence: “Fire the laser!”

Bridge Bunny: “But we haven’t prepping the laser, and its not the correct timetable, and our forces aren’t ready yet.”

Capt. Incompetence: “I don’t care! I have a hard-on for glory, and the news people are here! Do it!”

The laser doesn’t do d*ck! Everyone’s scrambling to jump into battle, and the GDF’s heavy weapons aren’t having an affect on the larger ships. This is starting to look like a recipe for a massacre. That is when Team Doberman is deployed. I really hope these guys aren’t just around to be killed and serve as a lesson to Team Rabbits. They’re a cool group of guys, and in this battle they really kicked ass.

The episode quickly revs up from here, as Team Rabbits starts to join the fray. They’re still the usual team of goof-ups, but they’re understandably taking this battle very seriously. There’s a lot going on, and this episode just does not stop! The Wulgaru aces (the members of the council we saw last week) are tearing through ships and soldiers at an incredible pace. And the grunts don’t seem to be having too hard of a time either.

As the episode progresses, we see a massive, frenetic and furious battle. Team Rabbits comes together pretty nicely during this battle, even as the battle draws them apart. Izuru is drawn away from the team by Prince Jiato (I think I got the name right) who seems to have a special liking for him because of their last encounter. And I don’t know how, but Izuru is able to keep up with him throughout the entire episode! This was probably my favorite part of this episode, just seeing these two square off at extremely high speeds, in very maneuverable machines. In fact, the old trope of needing to drop weight to get faster (think Dragonball Z) comes up, as we see Izuru shed everything possible to get the speed and maneuverability to keep up with the prince and hit him. I wish fights in some of the other anime I’ve liked were this intense!

While Izuru is stuck in that tense, elongated duel, he’s given his command over to Toshikazu. And Mr. Stage Fright comes alive with the command. As he gets used to the battle, he’s able to formulate strategies with Kei’s help, and best capitalize on the team’s strengths. Even Ataru, Mr. Gun Nut, gets to look cool for a bit. Team Rabbits as a whole really came together this episode, better than they have ever done before. And they, along with Team Doberman, are able to help stabilize a fractured defense line.

All this intensity gives the GDF super weapon proper time to charge up and fire at the enemy’s Ceres base. It looks to destroy Ceres impressively, but that doesn’t seal the victory at all. Turns out the Wulgaru were hiding some of their forces and probably didn’t have much left on Ceres anyway. They make an attempt to outmaneuver the GDF and destroy the super weapon and the adjacent ships. And actually annihilate the super weapon quite easily. Capt. Incompetent of course loses his damn mind and starts blaming everyone else for losing the weapon. Wow, I really want this guy to die.

The episode ends with its most spectacular participants though. Prince Jilato continues to joyously press Izuru as hard as he can until the Red-5’s swords actually shatter, allowing him to slash Izuru’s cockpit dangerously close and open. But a shard also cracks his machine, allowing Izuru to see him in his gelatinous shell, and for Jilato to see him. Izuru’s shocked at the human form before him, and how closely it resembles the girl he met during his vacation.

This episode was so intense that I had trouble keeping up at times. The battle, which was the entire episode, was a wonderful display And in that way, I’d say this was this series’ first perfect episode. I couldn’t ask for more in a twenty minute time span.

I am left with some questions though.

First of all, the battle isn’t over. I’m troubled as to how the GDF plans to withdraw from this battle without some convenient writing. Though they’ve managed to hold their own, its only been because of Team Doberman and Team Rabbits (from what I’ve seen) intervening in the battle. They can only even the odds, they can’t win it. And with Capt. Incompetence leading the way, I have a feeling the GDF is going to just keep shooting themselves in the foot until either this guy dies, is embarrassingly relieved of command, or the Wulgaru forces win enough to invade Earth and have forced sexual relations with all our pretty women (and maybe men, I don’t judge). Then again, the Wulgaru see this as a sort of sport. So maybe that will be the convenient plot device that saves everyone. If that’s the case then I will be quite disappointed.

Also, with Izuru seeing the aliens’ true form, basically human, this will probably mess with his head. He’s obviously not forgotten about the white haired girl and her butler. So this will undoubtedly add some awkwardness to the conflict. It may also show how he and that girl could be the bridge that brings peace. Sure that sounds cliche, but this is anime. It’s as fond of repeating itself, as it is of being unique.

For all the fun I had, I don’t really have much else to say after watching this episode. Keep it up Majestic Prince. I’m aware you can’t do this every episode, but if you pepper in a few more battles like this, then I’ll be very happy.

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    May 24, 2013 at 06:22

    That disaster as a commander make most incompetent commanders in mecha look like geniuses.

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