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Flowers of Evil ep7: stop struggling and be happy

A lot could be said about a person’s desires.  Much can be said about what a person’s desires means to that person.  But not many people like to look in the mirror and expose themselves to what their desires truly say about them.  So what happens when someone is able to peer into your desires and force you to face the truth? I believe that’s what Flowers of Evil is trying to give you the answer to.

When we last left off, Kasuga was being himself; a spineless loser.  He had just arrived at Saeki’s home to deliver her the work she missed.  And Nakamura had just scuttled off after successfully freaking him the f*ck out (which isn’t hard).  Kasuga’s invited in by Saeki’s mom, who finds his shyness and awkward mannerisms entertaining.  She escorts him right up into Saeki’s room, to her chagrin, and leaves the two to talk.  Not much time is wasted as Saeki invites Kasuga to have a seat beside her.  She asks him quite clearly if he has been hiding anything from her.  Kasuga lies straight to her face, and must swallow the shame as Saeki says that she completely trusts him.

As afternoon turns into evening, he’s found outside by Nakamura clutching his precious book.  Kasuga breaks down, quite literally, and begs Nakamura to relive him of the guilt and shame of lying so much to Saeki.  Nakamura happily agrees to this, and commands him to meet her at their school at midnight – with the gym clothes!

Oh Kasuga!  I swear, if you needed a straw for your juice box, the devil would show up and have your soul.

He does as Nakamura commands and meets her at the school, where they promptly slide into the building.  Any attempts by him to preemptively find out what she plans on doing are sternly shut down.

They make their way to their homeroom.  Once there, she commands him to confess his sins on the blackboard and leave the gym clothes where they on the teacher’s desk.  Kasuga, of course, refuses to do it.  The whole reason he’s done this is to absolve himself to Saeki.  He’s not ready, and has no intention of exposing himself to the entire classroom.  Nakamura’s had enough, and says that there contract is broken and that he’s never to speak to her again.

And this is weird sh*t gets weird.  Beautifully weird.

Kasuga at that moment snaps!  Aside from not dealing with the most manipulative, mean and weird person he’s ever known, he’s given no consequences for backing out.  But he does the exact opposite of what I’d expect from a coward like him, or maybe it’s because he’s a coward that he would attempt this.  He does exactly what she asks and confesses on the blackboard!

This isn’t enough. It’s not nearly enough.

Kasuga then proceeds to write more on the hardwood floor.

Still not enough!

Nakamura grabs some painting supplies and hands it to him.  And now we see this amazing scene where the two of them slowly vandalize the room from top to bottom with paint, as Nakamura laughs blissfully.  And eerily we see the flower of evil pop up in their mad display several times.  By the end of it all, they both looked so happy, so emotionally spent, that you’d think they’d just finished having sex.

I can only imagine the repercussions that will come from this episode.

This is easily the most pleased I’ve been with an episode of this series.  I don’t understand it completely, but I enjoyed what I saw.  What I experienced.

I’m having trouble interpreting exactly what Kasuga’s action mean.  Does this choice show that he cares more for Nakamura than Saeki?  Does it show that he’s more fearful Saeki’s disapproval than any other form of embarrassment?  Does this mean Kasuga was always a deviant, or did this incident make him one for sure?  Maybe he was a deviant from the moment he stole those gym clothes.  Though he could always have turned back from this point at any moment, Kasuga’s fears seemed to have only escalated things to this point.

For all the sneaky choices he could have made to save his hide, he seems to make the boldest, most thoughtless choices the most.  Maybe in his own twisted way, he really is just like Nakamura and thinks this will absolve him of his “sins”.  I’m interested to see where this takes him.  He’s a boy who aims to be an angel, but more often than not dances with devils.

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  1. May 19, 2013 at 23:48

    I agree, this was an extremely strong episode – that last big final scene made this easily my favourite episode of the entire series thus far. I’m not sure exactly how to interpret things either, although it seems clear to me that Kasuga, who has probably grown to be somewhat emotionally dependent on Nakamura whether he wanted to or not, finally snapped. I find it interesting that what made him eventually snap wasn’t Nakamura’s goading, but rather when she gave up on him and walked away. Only after she told him that the contract was over and she wanted nothing more to do with him did Kasuga start weaking havoc, and I think that’s a very significant detail.

    • May 21, 2013 at 14:22

      Yeah, that’s the part I least understand. I understand him snapping and going, “if I’m gonna cut loose, I’m going to REALLY cut loose!” But I don’t quite get why Nakamura’s rejection carried such weight. My only guess comes from years of watching pervy manga, he probably likes the attention he gets from her as much or more than anything. And that could mean a lot of weird crazy crap going down later.

  1. May 30, 2013 at 00:02
  2. January 9, 2014 at 03:08

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