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Attack on Titan ep7: humanity has a big brother, and he would like to speak to you.

I think it’s about time that everybody in this show stopped sniveling and whining. If mankind was meant to go out like this, I don’t think they deserved to live in the first place.  At some point, the humans have to stand up and at least snap back, let their animal instincts take control and bite once cornered.  Though at the start, all I could see were people working on each other’s eulogies and wills.  People telling themselves that they’ve had a good life, when they’re kidding themselves. They’ve had a sh*tty life, and it’s gonna end in a sh*tty way.  At some point, people unfamiliar with the source material have to wonder why they’re even sticking around for this gory sob fest…

Well, this is the end of your wait folks.  The counterattack starts here.

Yeah, like I said. Things start out kinda sh*tty and hopeless. The civilians have long since been safely evacuated, and the next gate has been sealed. Unfortuntately (I have been, and will be using that word a lot for this show), the soldiers who have survived and held off the titans for this long are stuck in front of the wall. Their HQ for gas is surrounded by titans. And the soldiers guarding the gas supply have either bugged out, or boarded themselves up to survive, temporarily, until they’re eaten, or find a way to commit suicide. The soldiers outside that building know this, and are left with the decision on what to do next. Should they do a certain suicide run for the gas? Or should they bide their time until they’re eaten? They can’t climb the massive wall to get back, so there isn’t much else. And at this point, it seems everyone has accepted death, probably a death that involves waiting for it to find them.

This is when Mikasa shows up and gets the news from Armin as to what has happened to his squad. Eren, and everyone else is dead. And that news doesn’t calm the remaining survivors one bit. In what may be one of the most pitiful speeches I’ve ever heard, Mikasa tries to spurn on her comrades to fight and take back the tower from the titans. And slowly it works, first by inspiring Jean, who then inspires others, who then inspire others to come along. I can’t tell if everyone’s moved by fear, peer pressure or actual hope, but the assault begins.

The pitiful assault begins.

Unfortunately (again), the leader of this assault, Mikasa is just using this as a reckless excuse to cope with Eren’s death. She goes in so hard that she almost immediately runs out of gas and is out of the assault. Armin recognizes what she’s doing and heads off to save her. Connie follows, telling Jean to lead the assault. I can’t blame Jean for feeling dumped on at this moment.

This leads to probably the lowest moment of the episode. Mikasa has hit the ground, short of swords and gas. And to top things off, she’s given up as a titan saunters towards her. Meanwhile, some of the soldiers have started running out of gas and/or run into titans near the tower and are being literally picked apart. Jean’s left frozen, as his fellow soldiers look to him for guidance.

Despite Mikasa telling herself that it’s over and that she’s given up, her body continues to valiantly fight and evade the titan. That’s when she’s surrounded by another titan, just as big. She resolves herself to not give up at that moment and consciously fight, so that she can live. It would be just what Eren wanted. That’s when IT happens.

The only real hope this series has seen since the beginning.

Titan on titan combat as one “dark elf” looking titan fights another dopey, but angry looking titan its size. He literally knocks its head right off, and then smashes it to death with its foot! Another titan comes along soon after, and apparently the titans can tell when another of their kind is threatening. It squares off with the renegade titan, who surprisingly takes up a fighting stance and knocks its head off! He then smashes it before it can regenerate! All the while Mikasa and Armin (who has finally caught up to her) are left to stare on in absolute shock. Connie too has now caught up and they decide to go on with the assault, hopefully with the renegade titan as a distraction. Armin tells her to be more careful, Mikasa’s rebuttal is that he won’t need a back up plan (suicide) because they’re gonna make it. Things are about to get really exciting now!

I hope this episode can satisfy those that saw this series up until now as only build up. Seeing as how I’ve already read up to this part in the manga, I’m not surprised by anything. But I am impressed at how well this scene was pulled off. It somewhat reminded me of that famous scene from the second episode of the Evangelion television series, where Unit 01 goes berserk and slaughters the Sachiel. I think it’s an amazing scene that changed my whole perspective on the series afterward. There are so many things to think about in regards to a titan fighting other titans, or possibly being on the side of mankind. It could lead to the first significant advance in knowledge towards titans in a long time. It may also give new perspective to the super titans that we’ve seen so far in the series.

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  1. May 19, 2013 at 19:05

    THAT EVA IS GOING BESERK- oh wait, wrong show.
    While in general I quite liked this episode, I’m starting to worry a bit about the overall pacing of the series. One minute we get big time skips that bypass years, and the next it takes a handful of episodes to cover just a couple of hours. I get that the writers want us to focus on the gritty horror of the situation, but there’s only so many shocked, wide-eyed and shaking characters that I can handle for any one event. I get that this is traumatic – no need to keep milking that cow. More importantly, although I have nothing against either big time skips or slowing everything down to cover the minute-by-minute action, having both occur repeatedly is difficult to do without making things appear really inconsistent.

    • May 19, 2013 at 19:44

      I get your point. It makes you wonder how humanity survived long enough to build the damn walls if people responded to stress like this. I understand that trying to get that gas is like jumping into a snake pit, or pit of spiders to get the keys to a door. But if that swarm of monsters is gonna get you anyway, I think it would be best to try and get that gas.

      As for the pacing, I believe the major set up is mostly over. So thinks should be a tad more even soon.

  1. May 26, 2013 at 00:06

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