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Majestic Prince ep7: instincts for coitus and conquest

I was wondering when this show was gonna throw a big battle at us again.  It really is sticking pretty well to the Gundam formula, too.  The real question for Majestic Prince as a show will be whether it can distinguish itself from that formula.  Valvrave has already done so in it’s own unique way.  Oh yeah, and space sex. Alien space sex. It’s not as gross as it sounds, I promise.

I thought for sure that this show was just going to tease us with scenes showing the life of the Wulgaru, but I was very wrong. Half of this episode was dedicated to them on their… home world?  We don’t know a lot, but it’s still a hell of a lot more than what I expected to have at this point. It appears these aliens are ruled by a monarchy, who is advised by a council. I don’t know if this council is formed through noble blood, or merit. But they remind me a tad of the Small Council from Game of Thrones, competitive, petty and back-biting. Though there does appear to be one of them with integrity at least. I stress “appears”, these people are different. Though it seems they’re not terribly alien. Sure the language, the culture and the technology are different, but they don’t seem un-relatable at this point. Though they may be completely incompatible with the idiot leadership in charge of Earth now. Hmm, that’s actually a pretty big problem.

Usually when a show introduces an alien race, they have something distinguishing about them.  Whether it be technology, looks, or culture, or a combination of all of them.  These aliens seem to be very enamored with a certain prophecy (oh how I hate prophecies), and with the natural urges their people feel.  Their “prince” seems to be the embodiment of this.  As we see him strip down to his loins and spear fish, we see him show up as he wishes to meetings, and we even see (somewhat) him take his brother, the “king”‘s lover for himself.  He pretty much does as he wishes, and everyone rolls with it.  Aside from the competitive and almost childish nature of some of the council members, these guys seem pretty peaceful and at ease.  They don’t seem to show any signs of concern for Team Rabbits or their victories. They’re still just a side note for their eventual conquest.  A conquest that seems to be going into full sized war campaign soon.

Coincidentally, the GDF’s small victories and the advent of a new super weapon (Gundam SEED much?) has given them the balls to mount an assault on the Wulgaru’s forward most base on Ceres.  And for the purposes of the story, I can see why it’s an important spot.  It’s practically the gateway to either the inner or outer solar system.  The ever professional and “squared away” Lt. Amane is busy formulating the most perfect strategy she can to guide the assault, only to have it stolen away by her arrogant, incompetent and moronic superior officer (you can tell I don’t respect this guy at all).

From the beauty of the Wulgaru people and their planet, to military idiocy of the GDF, and finally to the dysfunctional camaraderie of the Fail Five; we finally get to see the show’s heroes halfway through the episode.  Newly graduated and commissioned to the GDF, they’re just as quickly put on standby and given new American-style quarters before the battle.  The one change is that they get a cute little manager to help see to their day to day affairs.  At this point, I’m a little confused as to whether they remind me more of a sentai-style group, or a band.  Then again, the Power Rangers did have that robot to help them out with menial bull crap.  I thought it was funny that as each pilot went to their rooms, the other would follow and hang out in it.  The rooms were so big to them, and they’ve spent so much time “canned” together that they don’t know how to handle themselves.  Personal time and personal space are almost foreign concepts that they have little to no experience to draw from.  I think it would be fair to compare their experience to that of college freshmen.  They’re in a new place, trying to make themselves at home.  And having to adjust to a lot less supervision and much more freedom.  And they find that camraderie in their maintenance crews, who have been living this soldier’s life for a long time now.  And just like each pilot in the Fail Five has their very own distinct personality, each crew has their very own unique and separate identities themselves.

The episode concludes with the start of the battle.  The GDF is taken by surprise by the Wulgaru’s offensive tactics (though I don’t know why, they did announce their entire f*cking battle plan to the media), and forced into a state of disarray.  And Team Rabbits’s time table for battle is significantly moved up.

I really liked several things about this episode.  My favorite being the juxtaposition of the Wulgaru with humans and their culture by giving a very long (relatively) look at their leadership and a bit of how they think and live.  We still don’t know how that much about them, but it’s certainly an entertaining look at something new.  And it gives us much to speculate on.  One of those things is that the Wulgaru may have a turncoat/runaway in the Earth sphere.  The prince spoke of going after a princess, who I can only imagine is that girl who favors him and her butler.

I’m interested to see how the GDF pull out of this without their tails between their legs, if they can even accomplish that.  The Wulgaru apparently have never put their full force into a fight, and this may be close to what they mean by “full force”.  Who ever wins, the other side will have a rude awakening.

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