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Flowers of Evil ep6: three’s company, three’s a crowd, three’s a nuisance

Nothing in this show exists without Nakamura, not even the show itself. And that’s especially true for the blossoming relationship between Kasuga and Saeki. But of course, Nakamura doesn’t plant a tree to see it grow, I think she’s more interested in seeing how it dies, or at least how she can manipulate it into being a deformed withering form of itself.

Slowly but surely Flowers of Evil is getting into its groove.  The twisted nature of everything isn’t revealed, but we are seeing how things are starting to twist around each other.  Kasuga and Saeki are firmly a couple now, and everyone knows it. And everyone’s surprised and at least somewhat confused on how a timid loser like Kasuga can get Ms. Perfect herself. Though for a brief moment, Kasuga is actually cool, and partially respected by the guys in his class.  He’s on Cloud Nine.

Of course that would be the end of the series if things stayed this way. Saeki’s good, open nature is the perfect opening for Nakamura though, and the two somehow come together to form a friendship of all things. And thus begins Nakamura’s assault on their relationship. Nakamura draws Kasuga into the privacy of the library to tell him that Saeki has expressed a desire to have sex with Kasuga. Kasuga of course will hear none of it. But as they’re arguing we see Saeki walk by and notice them. The disturbed look on his face isn’t enough to tell me what is on her mind though. All we can know is that she was disturbed somehow by what she saw, because she was out sick the next day.

When Kasuga goes to give his sick girlfriend the handouts she missed at her house, who shows up again but Nakamura. She again hammers home her statement that Saeki is ready for sex. And Kasuga again rebukes her claims, stating that he won’t allow Saeki’s pure image to be sullied.

I kept the synopsis pretty brief because I’ve already made my thoughts clear on the pacing and atmosphere of this show. It’s slow, it’s deliberate, and it loves to bathe in its own situations. Allowing the characters’ inner thoughts to work their magic on the scene. Though all in all, not much generally takes place during an episode. Things of note though are the characters and the importance of reputation and status to many of them. Kasuga has gone on a roller coaster ride of being everything from a deviant, to a hero, to a pariah in these episodes. Sometimes his reputation runs the complete gauntlet during an episode. But on each of the opposite ends of all that are Nakamura and Saeki. For both of them, their reputations don’t really change at all. Nakamura is seen as the most unattractive, weirdest and polarizing person in class. While Saeki is viewed as highly as anyone can be in that very same class. Nakamura may as well be a homeless diseased criminal, while Saeki is practically a princess, royalty floating through the class. Seeing those two at the same table as Kasuga is definitely a rare and weird sight.

The attitudes reflect the reputations of each main character well. Saeki being incredibly naive and Nakamura being cynical of any and everything. As Saeki tries to build up the relationship with Kasuga, Nakamura tries to subversively tear it down.

I’m still ,even at what is the half way point of this series, not very impressed by what this show has actually done or portrayed outside of its wonderful atmosphere, and creepily realistic character interactions. It’s all still intensely melodramatic, but like its rotoscoped animation, it’s still eerily realistic while still being twisted. Now if only this show could stop teasing whatever big reveals it has and get to the point. I’d be incredibly grateful to have something substantial to talk about.

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  1. May 14, 2013 at 09:20

    I admit I was quite harsh on Aku no Hana’s pacing at first – those first couple of episodes felt really drawn out. As you say though, the series has really settled into a groove now. The way I can tell I’m watching a good episode of this show is when I find it almost painful to see – the raw intensity of Aku no Hana is definitely it’s strongest point.

    • May 14, 2013 at 16:06

      It’s raw intensity also gets a good laugh out of me, too. For a show that I’ve had touted to me as dark, creepy and twisted. It has some hilarious moments, and practically all of them are involving Nakamura.

  2. May 15, 2013 at 16:29

    Nakamura is truly my spirit animal. I just wrote a review of this episode as well expounding the virtues of her life coaching, because really, Kasuga should be able to recognize at least a little bit at this point that he’s in the situation he’s in with Saeki because of Nakamura.

    • May 17, 2013 at 21:13

      Indeed. I’m getting the feeling from this show that everyone has a little “ugly” in them. And it’s very apparent in Kasuga in his misguided worship for Saeki, and his blind disdain for Nakamura. For all the stupid, mean things she says and does, she has put Kasuga in the most blissful position of his life. It’s a weird circumstance to be sure, but Kasuga is the definition of a dumb smart person.

  1. May 19, 2013 at 10:39

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