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Majestic Prince ep6: the Fail Five lives on

So what do you do once you’ve done the impossible?  Go back home and get sh*t on by your classmates, while the adults in your life squabble over your worth.  Such is the punishingly realistic life of the MJP.

I came into this episode thinking it was going to be fluff.  A needless and failed attempt to get sentimentality across when we’ve hardly known these kids, who hardly know themselves.  After all, this is only the sixth episode and they’re throwing a graduation scenario at us.  Somehow this episode still succeeded.

We start off things with the MJP leadership coming out of a meeting.  It’s starts nicely enough with Commander Metalface being congratulated on the success of his students.  And high hopes once again begin washing over everyone.  These guys never learn.  Or maybe Team Rabbits’ successes are the only things that allow them to sleep at night.

We learn from Lieutenant Amane though, that all that’s really going on in the meetings is a squabble by various countries or credit and resources.  In short, politics are still very much in play, and I won’t be surprised if it ends up being an enemy to the kids later on in the story.

Back at headquarters, we see Izuru meet the leader of Team Doberman.  Thanks and information are exchanged, as we learn that Team Doberman is headed back to the front lines.  It’s quite clear that while Team Doberman can hold their own, much greater things are expected from Team Rabbits.  The team is then sent back down to Earth, to their academy.

Despite all the headlines, Team Rabbits’ reputation hasn’t changed a bit.  Even as they step on campus they’re greeted as the Fail Five.  They’re then informed to start clearing out their dorms.  It’s not because they suck, though they do suck.  It’s because they’re graduating early to join the Global Defense Force a.k.a. GDF (totally original guys) in earnest.  They won’t just be experimental prototype walk-ons in the military, they’ll be actual members of the military with experimental prototypes.  And Rin will stay on as their commander.  So as far as their regular life goes, not much is changing aside from the fact that they’ll never have to return to this place anymore.

We’re treated to a few interesting scenes of the team as they first came together at the academy.  It looks like the kids at this academy get their minds wiped just before coming to it.  So they’re pretty old, relatively, when that happens.  This makes me wonder…  Never mind.  I’m just thinking about how much of the students’ pasts are locked away at that academy.  Who knows the answer to that, yet.

Before the Team Rabbits fully graduates though, they’re tasked with putting on a little demonstration for their fellow students.  It’s surely a morale boosting thing, but it still has to be cool to see how far people your very own age have come.  I was a little worried about how badly this could turn out, but thankfully the only embarrassment came from Rin having her pantsu exposed a bit.  And damage to almost every glass window at the academy thanks to Tamaki’s inability to follow flight protocol.  The same for the actual graduation ceremony, besides Toshikazu head butting some stairs, it went by normally.  Actually, I don’t think things could be considered normal without some sort of screw up from these five.

My favorite part of the episode was at the end, when what looked like the entire student body waited along the bus route and saluted the famous Fail Five as they left the academy for the last time.

The episode ends with a very revealing look at the Wulgaru leadership.  Aside from the “weird” dress of some of these people, they don’t really seem like aliens to me.  One guy looks like a Dragonball villain.  And the king (I assume) and his son (again assuming from clues earlier in the series) look like they could be villains in some Conan the Barbarian cartoon or something.  Sheesh, I’m not betting on these guys being aliens at all at this point.  Come on anime, come with some creativity!

The episode itself was slow, but good on exposition and actually pulling out some decent moments from this episode.  At first, I wasn’t really feeling the vibe.  I didn’t really care too much that Team Rabbits was graduating because no connection had been built up to this place.  And I couldn’t understand why they’d miss it since their fellow students had been incorrigible jackasses to them during that time.  But once it was explained that this was the place that they built their first memories after being mind-wiped, I could see the importance. This was the only home they had known, and at the very least all the other students living with them were in the same situation they knew.

Now then, now that that’s out of the way, and the Wulgaru are most likely going to be on the counterattack, maybe we can see more space battles.  Majestic Prince is surprisingly good at makes those exciting and intense.

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