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Gargantia ep3: dumb hippies!

I’m not saying I’m Cartman or anything. I’m just saying I hate hippies and pacifists.  Ironically, I did just watch a great movie about Ghandi earlier today.  But I’m not going back on my statement.  These losers on the Gargantia are really getting on my nerves.

I know that I could have set a positive tone for this post and titled this entry after extremely relevant phrase, “give those who catch fish water”, or however it translates. But I can’t ignore what seems like a life long pet-peeve of mine, the insistence of people to not defend themselves. Even worse is when they vilify someone who does.

I should have known this was coming from everyone’s reaction at the end of the previous episode. But that could have been confused for a just plain awe struck look, or one mixed with fear. When I saw Amy’s anger and disappointment over Ledo and Chamber killing the pilots, I knew I was in for a long ride. And the whole fleet basically felt the same way. Given that we’re dealing with people from two different eras, speaking two different languages, with nearly no trust between them; I could understand there being mis-communication. But the entire fleet basically says that he made the situation worse.

Apparently, as Bellows explains, there’s a kind of gentleman’s agreement between the pirates and the fleets in this vast green ocean. The pirates are stealing, but they’re supposed to use their weapons as a negotiating tool. And if the fleet can put up a good enough fight, or show that they’re capable enough of defending themselves, then the fleets can avoid conflict. From what I saw, I’m not buying it. If you’re firing live ammunition at each other, then it’s not a game. This is some hippy BS being used to justify bully-victim relationship being perpetuated here. This is a bit of a angry rant, I know. But I I write to get my feelings out, and I needed to get this out. So I’ll try to move on now… dumbass hippies.

Anyway, the situation becomes very clear once what Ledo’s transgressions are explained. I’m still annoyed at how these losers running the ship keep wanting to toss Ledo and Chamber to the pirates for amnesty. But with some of Bellows’ pushing and throughtfulness, they decide to lean on the outsiders for assistance. I’m actually very grateful for Bellows clear thinking and insight. She forgives Ledo graciously and rewards him, and even pulls for him among the higher-ups. She’s still a dirty hippy, but a clear thinking one, at least.

The pirates in the meanwhile are all riled up, and the leader of their fleet, a really hot woman who makes me think of Faye Valentine pushes for a full retaliation. Her name is Lukkage. She flagship is a big red one with lobsters on the flags (too much sun?). And she appears to have a pair of hot slaves. WOW! My opinion of this show just shot right back up!

I fully accept that I’m a horrible person, and perhaps sexist. No definitely sexist. But you have to forgive me for my weakness to the visual appeal here. It’s trashy, clever, unexpected, and pleasing to so many male eyes (and some females, too)!

The attack turns out to be an exciting and ridiculous spectacle, with lumbering lobster-like robots fighting the Aliens style loader mechs from the Gargantia. But Ledo and Chamber are able to accomplish their mission without issue. Tossing Lukkage and her (possible) sex slave wing girls off into far ocean. He also manages to do decent damage to the pirate fleet without killing a soul! Though during the night raid of a battle, you could easily see how the Gargantia fleet would have been shattered, and its commander murdered if it weren’t for Ledo’s decisive thinking.

In the end, Ledo wins the day. And he’s rewarded with even more fresh animal carcasses to eat. Yay!

Aside from the philosophical issues that just naturally and immediately rub me the wrong way, I really enjoyed this episode.  I think it’s safe to say that this series is going to be gorgeous all the way through.  So I’m gonna try not to focus or even talk about that anymore until the end of the series.  I like how this is turning into a sort of Superman story, or one of those stories where the “white man shows up to help the native” and they learn from each other’s ways, and accept each other.  It’s a very basic, time worn story.  And it’s also being done very well here.

Conveniently, or lazily, Ledo doesn’t have to learn language here, because Chamber can more than adeptly translate for them.  Then again, we see that Ledo is learning the language, and may even give a sh*t about fitting into their society.  It’s still early, I admit.  I can accept the not wanting to kill aspect of the show, if it’s not too preachy and not too extreme.  It seems that Ledo and Chamber (I’m gonna have to start abbreviating that, I’m typing it so much) are more than capable of doing better than anyone else in the fleet to defend it.  My only worries now are that Ledo does something to upset the ship with his very war ready attitude.  I also worry about the Gargantia leadership.  They seem to be a group of timid, wishy~washy politicians, and I have no use for such people.

Gargantia has shown me how easily I could love or hate it this episode.  So in a way, this show is already becoming a lot like many of the mecha shows I’ve enjoyed watching.  It’s a weird, but good sign.

  1. April 22, 2013 at 19:01

    I think Ledo will probably end up learning the language at some point, or at least making a serious attempt to – he’s definitely the kind of guy who’ll do something if he sees some benefit in it, and if nothing else, being able to understand their language will save him time and probably help earn their trust.
    The pair of slave girls intrigued me. At first glance I took them for some kind of sex slaves as well, what with those neck chains – Jabba the Hutt flashbacks, anyone (only thankfully with a nicer-looking master)? And then they start fighting right alongside Lukkage, apparently quite willingly and also with enjoyment plain on their faces. So… the chains are just for some kind of mututally-agreed upon fetish then? I can live with that.

    • April 23, 2013 at 02:53

      I can live with that, too. That’s the fun thing about pirates, they’re often so quirky and unique. Well they are when they’re not stealing, raping and killing..

  1. April 29, 2013 at 01:12

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