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Attack on Titan ep3: suck it potato girl!

Episode 2

Another early episode for this series that’s light on plot and heavy on atmosphere. And much to my dismay, full of new characters, many of which I don’t remember if they die in the next disastrous battle or not. This makes it easy to not spoil any one reading my comments, but it also forces me to wonder how many of these idiots are worth listening to. I guess I’ll have to go with the old indicator of character design. Though I guarantee that will get me burned sooner than later.

So we get the old “boot camp” scene, and it’s very standard, but one character in particular makes this scene hilarious. I’ll just call her potato girl, because I can’t remember if they mentioned her name or not. I don’t have a clue if she’s due for a horrible death (I just assume everyone is), but she’s a breath of fresh air in this series full of people who are too melancholic or too choleric. There has to be something special to her, because she just comes off too easily as one of those shounen manga style morons. She loves food (understandable in this world), doesn’t seem to understand or care about the consequences in pursuit of it, and appears completely ruled by her instincts and impulses. I’d like to think of her as a female Luffy running around this series.

After the boot camp introductions, everyone turns in for the night and we hear stories traded about the titans. Eren gets the most attention, because he was there for the initial terror of the titan attack. Word of the “super titans”, namely the Colossus Titan which initially kicked in the wall and killed a lot of people, and the Armor Titan that bashed in the second line of defense. Though one of the other recruits very much is skeptical of Eren’s attitude, seeing him as a big-mouthed coward, trying to hide his terror. I honestly thought the volatile Eren was gonna start a fight in the cabin, but amazingly, cooler heads prevailed. Though the rivalry between them is probably cemented when the guy takes a liking to Mikasa. Whether Eren’s in the way or not, I don’t think it’s gonna matter here.

The actual conflict in this episode comes from a piece of equipment. The recruits are being tested on the training equipment for the three-dimensional gear. It’s pivotal equipment that is used to attack the titans head on. I won’t get into the specifics, the show will do that itself in time. The main point is that if you can’t manage to balance yourself on that equipment, then you’re dropped from the program, no exceptions. And our choleric (I’m gonna make that word stick to Eren) friend seems to have no talent for the damn things. He’s flopping and rolling around in the equipment terribly, and looks like a complete fool considering his big words from the night before. Eren has one more day to get his routine together, or he’s shipped off to the titan infested lands without even the skills to defend himself.

Eren attempts to get help that night, but people around him don’t seem to give a sh*t that he’s in trouble, or they just don’t actually have much in the way of advice. It seems balance isn’t a thing that can be taught. Who knew? He does end up talking to the two most talented of the recruits when it comes to the balancing apparatus. And in this we get a pretty decent story about how their village was overrun. I don’t see how you sleep soundly at night after the crap some of these characters have seen. The talk does give Eren some measure of confidence though. And the next day we get to see the results.

And the results are…. negligible! Turns out Eren was working with faulty equipment after all! it’s a good thing the drill sergeant is actually a good soldier and noticed the faulty equipment. Eren balances just fine in his working harness, and looks even more impressive for almost being able to do it in a faulty piece of crap. End of episode! Next time it may be time to kick some butt, or get eaten. We’ll see soon enough.

A decent, but slow episode; and we’re almost overloaded with new faces to take digest. Like I said, potato girl seemed to be nothing more than comic relief, but she kept the episode interesting, giving me some of my favorite moments. Eren gets some decent development, he’s obsessed with killing the titans and showing his independence from Mikasa. Which now that I think about it, isn’t something that’s really fleshed out very well. He doesn’t seem very dependent at all on her right now. They just seem to be very close, and along with Armin hang together a lot. It’s perfectly natural. I can’t speak to how well it’s developed in the manga, but I was sure it was fleshed out more. Regardless, the best part of this episode was seeing new blood, and new potential plot points and character interactions. It’s diverse, the characters aren’t starting to play off each other really well, and I’m expecting good bonds and good moments to form around them. After all, we need to be emotionally attached to something when the titans start snacking on their bones and flesh…

  1. April 22, 2013 at 07:04

    Potato girl might surprise us yet – she could turn out to be one of those characters who’s just so damn stupid that she’s actually super kick-ass or something. You know the type; one minute they’re munching mindlessly on potatoes, the next they’re punching some guy out completely by accident. At this point I’d like to think potato girl has got more going than meets the eye, if only because it seems a bit odd to have a character there purely for comic relief purposes in a series as dark as this one.

    • April 22, 2013 at 14:55

      Curse my terrible memory! I know she has some awesome scene down the line, but I read the manga so furiously that I can’t remember. She sure is entertaining and awkward to watch in this series though.

  1. April 29, 2013 at 08:05

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