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Flowers of Evil ep3: forget evil, these people are just ugly.

It looks like we’re officially getting into awkward territory. This isn’t the pretentious, arrogant drivel (well, not all of it) that the first two episodes have been, this I would call a bit more authentically risque. I mean it’s not everyday you’re forced into cross-dressing.

Kasuga is stuck at home regretting his accidental boobage and probably the most awkward and suckiest day of his life since he wet himself in school (most everyone’s done that at least once, so I’m gonna say he probably has, too). I just love how he points out that if he had never stolen the gym clothes (I certainly hope he’s washed those because they’ve gotta smell awkward by now), he would not be in this predicament.


In a astonishingly pitiful display of shame and remorse, he tries to throw the gym clothes away before school, only to fail. And Nakamura is still fixated on getting his essay that she demanded the episode before. When Kasuga gets to homeroom, his teacher tells everyone that the issue with the gym clothes has been pushed off on some mysterious creepy thirty year old male, that one of the students reports to have scene hanging around that afternoon. No doubt, it’s Nakamura. I have no idea why she would do that exactly, except to possibly keep her “slave” in Kasuga around. So that takes us to the scene at the library…

When Nakamura asks for the essay, Kasuga attempts to give her his Flowers of Evil book of poems, he utters some pretentious mess about how this book is his favorite and how no one else could understand it, and how it “exudes” evil. He could have just said it was his favorite and that it had some delightfully deep and melancholy lyrics to it. But that’s not how his brain or personality works. And it is apparent that’s not how Nakamura’s brain works either, because she smacks that book straight out of his hands and demands a good damn explanation. This leads to a whiny argument and this. A very awkward moment that I thought was worried would culminate in rape. Instead it culminates in a very forced, kinda scary crossdressing moment. And I’m quite sure Nakamura was getting intense pleasure out of it. This girl….

Time skips forward a bit, as we see that he and Nakamura have been hanging out after school for the past week. Doing what? I’m not totally sure, I guess they just hang out until it gets dark doing random mildly weird things. Nakamura seems to take great pleasure in calling Kasuga a deviant. It means she’s not alone after all. Though Kasuga still resists the title, though in a generally timid way. He really makes me sick about how he keeps going on about this almost deity-like worship of Saeki as this pure, near perfect figure. An object not so much of sexual desire, but of admiration and obsession. That said, he’s clearly starting to notice Nakamura’s feminity more…

The episode ends in a rather ugly way, as seems to be the trend. A girl claims to have lost her lunch money, another girl who seems to be a bit of a busybody tries to figure out who did the crime. Kasuga’s big mouthed friend casually says something about Nakamura and the entire class begins to believe she did it. When the busybody confronts Nakamura, she gets the normal Nakamura response, a demand to mind one’s own business and expletives. The girl lies saying she saw Nakamura hanging around school the afternoon before, and this is when Kasuga speaks up. He knows it wasn’t her because he’s been hanging with her all week. But he doesn’t say it, he just demands the girl stop, because she has no proof. The girl then tells him that he’s only sticking up for her because he likes her. And the awkward circle continues. Along with that wonderfully creepy ED theme.

The plot aside, I’m really starting to not like the show’s animation. It’s not the rotoscope style so much, it’s just the low frame count, the way lips don’t sync up to anything in even the most basic way. I’ve tried to ignore it, but it’s progressively irking me. Cheap is fine, but at times this series feels like it’s shooting below motion comic quality.

As for the show itself, it’s not bad. I’m far from impressed, even with the more intense scenes, but it’s off to a decent start for only three episodes. I just fear that in the end I’m going to hate the weak, stupid male character again. He’s so neutered at times that I don’t believe those gym clothes felt unnatural to him. On the fair side of things, he does speak his mind when pressed. He’s just make some god-awful decisions right now! Wow! And I would probably like Nakamura, seeing as how she’s the misunderstood, angry loner character, but she’s not really sympathetic. She’s a twisted little girl. And I’m left with the impression that she’s obviously been exposed to something that’s twisted her this way. She may have an interesting back story to hear, but I’m not giving her credit for it until I hear it. Until then, she’s just a perverted, twisted jerk.

  1. April 20, 2013 at 19:51

    For me it’s really the pacing that’s letting this show down, not the animation. Personally I welcome this type of experimental artwork because that’s exactly how anime as a medium develops as a form of storytelling, but if things don’t buck up with the actual story soon then I’ll probably be dropping this series from the line-up. I think this new anime season is a really solid one though, so I can’t say I’m particularly upset by that.

    • April 20, 2013 at 21:47

      I see where you’re coming from. The show hasn’t progressed very much for three episodes, even viewing it from the angle of wanting to be more atmospheric. And I’m not a reader of the source material (I don’t know if you are either), but I’m sure this is unbearable from their standpoint. It’s a shame. I really want to like this, but it’s really not giving me much to grasp onto. Though I’m not giving up on it, yet.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • April 20, 2013 at 21:58

        Yeah, I want to give it a couple more episodes before I decide for sure whether to keep following or give it up. I think the anime has potential – it’s just that I’m not sure whether it’ll live up to it. I’m not familiar with the source material at all (I don’t really read manga as such), so while I can understand the frustration of those who are, that has no bearing on how I view the anime.
        You’re welcome – I enjoy discussing anime with fellow fans. 🙂

  1. April 27, 2013 at 23:34

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