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Check-in Station: A Certain Scientific Railgun S ep1 (keep it snappy!)

Railgun season 1

It’s funny how I have the hardest time talking about shows I love, at least in this format. it’s like I’m afraid that I can’t be objective or something. Or maybe A Certain Scientific Railgun is just one of those shows I have trouble explaining my enjoyment of. The original series actually aired right around the time I started this blog (Hey, I have a history! Cool!). And embarrassingly enough, I didn’t have much to say about it, even though I absolutely loved it. Sure, many thoughts came to mind afterwards. Thoughts like how when the show stayed on task, stayed focused on the source material it was damn fun and riveting. But when it didn’t do that it was borderline boring and tedious. I loved the silly, yet still intense detective work. I loved the fights that would give the X-Men a run for their money. And I enjoyed the characters most of all, especially the polarizing Kuroko. Oh how I could have a chance to restate my feelings initial feelings on that series. Well now that we have Railgun S, I can try again. Think of this as my redemptive attempt to portray my love for Railgun.

Again I’m gonna keep my synopsis to a minimum, my love of this series could lead to me parsing the most minute of things down, and extending this post out much farther than it needs to be. Let’s just get down to the highlights.

Or at least everyone I can remember, the four girls that this show revolves around are just a wacky, quirky group of lovable freaks at heart. Misaka is still her likable tomboyish tsundere self. Though really the tsun~tsun part of her personality really only seems to really surface when that unlucky idiot Toma shows up. Kuroko is still that love or hate, overaggressive, ultra-goofy lesbian with one of the coolest powers out there. Uiharu and Saten are still an inseparable duo and purveyors of some of the most awkward comedy. Honestly, if I were Uiharu I’d have started wearing pants, or skorts by now. Most of the comedy is at the expense of her panties.

Railgun and the Index series have had their fair share of twisted, demented or broken characters, especially female. Misaki Shokou seems to fit in quite well. She’s stated as being the fifth most powerful of the espers in Academy City. “Railgun” herself, Misaki, is third. And they’ve apparently had a long standing rivalry and stalemate going on. Misaki seems to excel at mind control specifically, but unfortunately for her, those powers seem electric-based, and NO ONE owns electricity like Misaka. She comes across as very mysterious and twisted. I like her! And her mind control ability adds a thick layer of ambiguity to her past and identity. I’m looking forward to whatever insanity she’s bringing along.

You’d think that in a city of high technology and freaks, that word would get around that randomly messing with little girls, or ANYONE in this city is playing a game of Russian roulette. I mean, after all you could end up running into a virtual god.

Things still haven’t changed. And ignorance is still a pestilence that can not be stamped out. Then again, seeing the girls stomp a group of thugs, not once but twice, is a comforting way to kick off the season and end the episode. I honestly have to wonder if Toma’s terrible luck has rubbed off not only on Misaka, but on her best friends the way they keep running into thieves, thugs and terrorists. You know, the three T’s.

I have the sincerest of hopes that Railgun S will somehow keep things exciting, and keep the bland goofiness and slice-of-life crap to a minimum. I love watching these girls enough to sit through them do just about anything. but it doesn’t mean I’m going to enjoy too many episodes involving tea parties and plays. Keep things snappy and sharp Railgun S, and you’ll have yourself at least one satisfied viewer.

  1. April 18, 2013 at 17:23

    Oh so there is a new season? Or is it a reimagining I didn’t read too deeply into it once I noticed that as I did not want to be spoiled. Good blog though you get through a lot of anime

    • April 18, 2013 at 18:45

      Thanks! Believe me, I’m giving it my all to keep up with this much. My anime list gets narrowed down depending on work, and how involved I get with a series. But yes, the new season of Railgun has started, with all-new material Well, all new if you don’t read the series.

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