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Rinne no Lagrange ep21: when boys cry

Episode 20

I keep forgetting how badly Rinne no Lagrange wants to be a slice-of-life show. In the last episode, Moid took off with an important artifact and fled to Le Garite and Lord Dizelmine’s side. Does the show address that situation?  No not really, instead we’re given a going away party for three bland, useless characters; a fever that doesn’t even last long enough to be a plot point; and some drama regarding Madoka figuring out her graduation plans.  Let’s see if I can pull something positive out of this.

Well, I’m not getting much out of it in the beginning. Like I said with the looming crisis with Moid taking a backseat, we’re left to ponder why Madoka is shirking the assignment of filling out her graduation plans slip. I’ll cut the crap right quick by saying that the reason for it is likely 100% about her not wanting to let go of the high school life she leads, her friends and the Jersey Club. We also learn that Kirius, Array and… that other guy with the red hair (I’ll call him Lobo for now) have decided to pursue their own personal goals. Kirius will be heading home to reassume his responsibilities as the head of a wealth family. Array will (probably) stop cross-dressing and become an instructor at an academy on their home planet. And… Lobo will stay on Earth and pursue his dreams of becoming a chef.

I find these situations utterly drab; boring to a degree that it summons sleep into my eyes. I’ve stated since near the beginning of this series that I hate this trio of sideline characters. The only positives that come from these idiots is that the show has made no attempt to ship them with anyone (probably so that they can perform as moronic eye-candy for the female fans without anyone feeling alienated). And that they served as fodder for a decent fight or two. I couldn’t be happier to see most of them go away.

Meanwhile, Asteria is updating Novumundus of the situation with Moid and the fact that she’s a twenty thousand and ten year old bimbo who helped destroy the Earth previously. The crew takes this nonsense surprisingly in stride, probably because they’ve seen all amount of insanity since the show started (like sky menstruation). But more importantly, they’ve made no progress finding Moid. Asteria figures out a hint, but that just means that true to tried and true dramatic story telling techniques, she’s going to figure out the answer too late. And true to form Le Garite’s fleet along with Moid and a shock-therapy warped Lord Dizelmine show up just as things are most peaceful and the episode is about to end.

Oh and there was a scene with Lord Vegemite (I didn’t forget his name, I just can’t spell it off the top of my head) talking to his first lieutenant about Dizelmine’s unparralled dedication to peace.

As you can probably tell from my tone this entire time, I did not like this episode. I could have done without the graduation plan thread being strung out through the episode. The only thing that made this episode do was show us the Jersey Club doing what they normally do, help people. Except this time they’re doing it with Christmas music and snow. Geez!

All this sort of material has been covered all ready in some form. The girls are still friends, and of course Muginami and Lan are going to have to leave at some point.  None of this is news, and since we already dedicated the previous episode to f*cking around I don’t really have patience for this.

Plot motherf*cker!  Do you have it?!

I guess the show did, with two minutes left before the credits.  Surprise – surprise!  A fleet of Le Garite ships appears outside Earth’s atmosphere.  My guess is that Moid is manipulating Dizelmine into repeating the tragedy from 20,000 years ago.  I suppose I could dedicate more effort into figuring this out, but after following this series for so long, I’ve run out of patience.  Lagrange needs to give me a reason to care about the ending.  And its gonna take more than a lot of terrible lore and boring episodes about the Jersey Club to make me do that.

  1. April 10, 2013 at 14:11

    “Plot motherf*cker! Do you have it?!” LOL at that….LOL at this episode. Why are you watching this again? Anyway interesting post…

    • April 10, 2013 at 15:25

      I’m watching it only out of a sense of obligation to finish it. I’m trying to be tolerant, but this really is a bad show. My only hope is that this builds character at some level, but I can almost hear my subconscious mind telling me that’s total bullsh*t.

      • April 10, 2013 at 21:06

        You’re a stronger man than I. If I don’t like a show, I can’t be bothered to finish it. Sometimes I’ll sit through a lot, but if it’s really horrendous I got better things to do then watch the rest of it (unless it’s so bad it’s good).

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