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OreShura ep11: you can’t win if you don’t play the game.

Episode 10

It’s like holding a place in line for a new video game console or other piece of hot tech, and then immediately selling it on ebay. Or asking for a window seat on a plane when you know you have to use the bathroom every thirty minutes. Or any other number of selfish, inconsiderate things that come from taking something from others when you find no value in it yourself. It’s annoying. And when people find out, no one is going to like you for it. Whether Masuzu wants to admit it or not. She’s playing the game of love. And performing miserably. Also, as a side note I may be beginning to develop some resentment towards Eita.

At the end of episode 10 of OreShura, Eita’s aunt had firmly called out her nephew for trying to pass off his hollow, twisted relationship with Masuzu as something resembling a relationship between young lovers. And when episode 11 starts, it doesn’t really get any better, only more poignant.

The initial cliffhanger, with his aunt waiting for the “couple” to prove their love to her, was defused when she passed out from hunger. Oh the terrible side effects of hunger in anime, even powerhouses like Goku and Luffy can be brought low by such needs. But once she’s recovered from her nap, the interrogation begins again. Things start to make more sense once everyone is clued in to her line of work. She’s part of a development team for “love” games. You know the sort if you’ve been into anime for at least two years. “My girlfriend can’t be this”, and “my imouto can’t is the important person”, games that drive the character to build relationships (normally with girls) that bear fruit through multiple choice decision making. Not my thing, but that’s besides the point. The point is that through anime logic, this has made her an expert in judging relationships and love. And she’s easily able to tell that the lifeless, robotic responses that spew from Masuzu’s mouth are nothing more than well calculated, benign responses designed to deflect any suspicion.

Eita’s harem (there’s no avoiding that designation now, even the show itself has dubbed them that) is tested using her convenient, and normally bullsh*t phone apps. And surprisingly Ai comes in first. I guess it makes sense, too. She’s histerically infatuated with Eita to the point where she can’t even hide it in public. I also found it kind of brilliant how Eita’s aunt questioned both her tsun~tusn AND dere~dere sides. This woman really knows her stuff! In second was Chiwa, which I guess counts as an upset, but once again good reasons were given. Chiwa has become way too close and casual with Eita. And she’s been friendzoned hard, much now to her detriment. And third came Hime, who is obviously just an obsessed stalker. But she’s given real hope when she’s told that she needs to not just be object in love with Eita, but a person he can actually get to know. And last of course was Masuzu for obvious reasons. Though she wasn’t gonna go down without a pitiful fight.

At the end of the day, you could tell that Masuzu was worn out from all bashing of her faux relationship.  While everyone else in the harem was happily and busily preparing for the next day, Masuzu was using what time she had with Eita to tear into him, the girls and THE PRACTICE OF EATING!  She thought eating was a disgusting sign of love!  Sheesh!  As much as I had hopes for her character, Masuzu is either going about things in all the wrong way.  Or if you want to look at things from the perspective of the production team, she’s being utilized in a less than effective way.  I was expecting her to be more manipulative and clever.  But she honestly hasn’t shown herself to be terribly clever.  And she’s being outmaneuvered by a trio of idiots.  I’m surprised Kaoru hasn’t taken advantage of he weakness and moved in him/herself.

That reminds me, it’s pretty damn clear to me that Kaoru is a girl.  I’m just assuming she’s a tomboy that Eita hasn’t taken much notice of during the years.  In this episode, SHE (that’s right, I’m going balls out and saying it’s a she) says to herself that she may be jealous of the girls, and is unusually close to Kaoru.  And since I rarely see gay characters portrayed in such an understated way in anime, I’m calling Kaoru a tomboy with a pitifully longstanding crush.

So this is it, the stage is set for a beach trip where any pretense that Eita and Masuzu have been a couple is thrown out the window.  The other girls know it’s open season on Eita, and without Eita’s complete cooperation his “girlfriend” wouldn’t stand a chance.  To be sure, the great irony of all this effort of hers is that it has only made Eita more popular, no one else.  She really has shown herself to be a colossal failure throughout this show.

My finally barb is aimed at Eita.  Despite how nice a guy he is, and his idiot-savant-like ability to pull endearing words out of his mouth when most needed, he really is a wishy~washy and terrible friend.  Eventually, he’s going to hurt one, but possibly all of these girls.  And he doesn’t have the balls to tell any of the girls that he’s not interested.  All he’s done is string them along throughout this process, even under the guise of already being in a relationship.  I’ve grown a slight amount of dislike for him based on this, and though I know it’s a story conceit that keeps the narrative moving, I’m still loathe to accept it.

  1. Andmeuths
    March 17, 2013 at 23:59

    Well, he did make it clear to his childhood friend that he was not interested, nor receptive to romance. She didn’t take it too well.

    But still. he’d probably needs to have a heart to heart talk with Ai explaining why he is not ready for a true relationship. Then again, given that the fake relationship with Masuzu, it’s probably difficult for him to have done so at any prior point.

    Then again, this is one of those shows that where, if just tad bit of honesty was risked for a few minutes, there would be no plot.

    • March 18, 2013 at 00:23

      A fair point, which is why I’m only annoyed at his actions. Harem leads haven’t been known for being bold, aggressive, or even clear when it comes to emotions or communication. So I’m pushing my desire for character development onto him.

      It’s probably most likely that the most need for character development needs to come from Masuzu herself. She’s terribly stunted, in more ways than one. Eita’s just trying to be a good guy in a hard spot.

  1. March 31, 2013 at 05:12

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