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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep10: reverberations

Episode 9

After the explosion of emotion that was episode 9 of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, you just knew there had to be some consequences. There are positive and negative side effects to declaring your overseers pompous greedy slave owners. The positives seems to be a renewed spirit in the populace, and a chance at living up to high ideals. The negative is of course being wiped off the face of the Earth.

While episode 9 could be boiled down to a simple, but powerful display of emotion and sacrifice, this episode quickly gets more complicated. Because once ideals are voiced, the gears of reality must be forced to turn, an arduous task under any circumstances. The Winter Country’s eventual answer to this tricky situation? Go “balls out” and pretty much declare total independence from the Central Nations alliance. This even comes with the formation of a “True Church of the Light Spirit” taking the place of the old diocese. It’s a pretty rash move that will lead to war. Though everyone hopes that the Crimson Scholar will return by the time the massive Central Nation alliance can amass a competent army.

Meanwhile, the wily Merchant has seen a huge opportunity in this situation and has come up with a bold, clever… and rather devious plan. By amassing a stockpile of wheat at increasingly exorbitant prices, he plans to make himself grossly rich while crippling the nobility with a food shortage and inflation. Unfortunately, this has its own side effect of super charging the efforts of the Central Nations to go to war. And now what the Winter Country expected to be a six month delay in combat, it’s become roughly ten days. Good f*cking luck with that!

The episode ends by giving us a little feedback into the demon realm. The Dragon Princess shows up at Merchant’s hideout and tells him of the Gate City’s pressing need for salt, and also of the impending threat from the Azure demon clan. I think a solid alliance is forming. And then we get a flashback of Demon King becoming Demon King. It’s an interesting view into how focused, brave and eccentric she was even back then (though 15 years isn’t anything more than a blip for a demon in the realm of time). Weirdly enough, she seemed to have a crush on baby Hero, I guess knowing all along what he would become. It’s a tad sweet, a smidge creepy.

There’s a lot to chew on now that a climax is approaching. Hero seems to be getting more and more desperate and frustrated as the stakes for war increase, and Demon King is gone long and longer. Merchant seems to genuinely be hitting his stride and only getting stronger by each scene. Demon King is pretty much a non-entity at this point. And we failed to see a glimpse of the blue skinned demon that popped up at the end of episode 9. The show is making progress, but is content to hold a lot of its card close to the vest, so to speak.  Overall, it’s a successful follow up to an outstanding episode.

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