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OreShura ep8, 9 and uh 10: you can’t fight time, but you can make it.

Well, after two straight disastrous failures to post my thoughts on episodes 8 & 9, I’m left trying to encapsulate my thoughts on episode 10 now.  So I’ll have to do an impromptu Check-in post.

With Ai’s little arc finally settling down, we’re left with the group as a whole together trying to awkwardly make progress as a club, and individually.  This club for young maidens has essentially transformed into vicious Royal Rumble between the four girls for Eita’s piece of mind.  And it’s been quite clear that Masuzu has taken a back seat to all these women as of late.  It’s brought up quite clearly during this episode.  Chiwa is the childhood friend, Ai apparently met him in kindergarten, and Hime claims that they were passionate lovers in a past life.  Honestly, Ai and Hime’s claims to Eita are paper thin and dubious.  But seeing as how Masuzu has only been using and abusing Eita up to this point, they still make a better case than this indentured servitude that Eita’s forced to live under.  Perhaps things will be ironed out during their planned summer trip?  Well they got to get their first.  And since that trip involves going to the beach, we’re lead to the topic of swimsuits.  And the topic of swimsuits immediately leads to a subversive catfight amongst the female cast.

My favorite part was very much seeing Hime in a swimsuit.  I never guessed that she had the “gifts” that she had.  But it’s a surprise I love.  Pardon me as I’m sucked into the pervy zone…!

Hime has some nice beautiful breasts!  Usually in anime their either flat as hell, or shaped like balloons and filled with helium.  Her’s hung just right! She even has a nice butt!  Whew!  OK, that’s out of my system.  Let’s move on!

The picking out of swimsuits and divvying up of time had the potential to alienate some of the girls, but Eita has a way of honestly and subtlely complimenting  and encouraging them.  I prefer seeing him like this, almost boring and sincere, to the manic fool he becomes when he panics or his notebook enters the equation.

This sweet, but generally uneventful episode ends with a bombshell though.  When the girls and Eita run into his aunt, she asks which one is his girlfriend.  Masuzu naturally steps forward and makes her claim, and Eita’s aunt laugh the notion away and asks him who he REALLY likes!  Thanks lady!  I’m sorry, not lady!  You tactless &^#*$#%^!

As I said, a generally uneventful episode.  It had nice moments.  It gave the club a goal and some unity.  And it helped solidify Eita’s relationships among the club.  But everything is pretty much over shadowed by the cliffhanger that is  the end of this episode.  Maybe this means that Eita and Masuzu’s relationship will finally be addressed, or even progress.  I haven’t felt very much chemistry between them for awhile now.  And he and Chiwa obviously share the deepest connection.

Sorry for the short post, and the delays for anyone following these posts.  Sometimes things go wrong.  And I get extremely disheartened when I finish a work with all my opinions and emotions, and it just disappears.  This was all I could muster after 2 straight weeks of failure.

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