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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep9: you are nothing before a powerless insect

Episode 8

If a plan goes wrong, it should go spectacularly wrong! For if it doesn’t, what’s the point? And at the very least, the spectacle can erase the sin of your mistake.

Yeah, this latest episode of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha took a very unexpected turn. By the end of this episode, things became very hopeful, very doubtful and very uncertain.

So there was much reflection in this episode. Mainly with our older sister serf friend, who is masquerading as the Crimson Scholar. Despite the assurances of Hero, Knight and everyone else, she’s understandably nervous about being taking into custody by a bunch of zealots (I hope I’m using that word correctly, I’ve used it a lot). It’s a touching moment to see her reflect on her actions and the positive memories she’s had of the village, the Winter Country and its people. And while watching this scene I wondered if it was a form of padding, or if things might go wrong and we might not see this character again. Though I thought that latter choice was highly unlikely. And once she’s done, it’s soon time for her to make her way downstairs and face her task.

There isn’t much in the way of scenery change in this episode. One of those scene was in the beginning when Merchant brought in one of the Crimson Scholar’s pupils for a little task of possible insurrection and rumor-mongering. My only guess is that Merchant is attempting to sow seeds of doubt among the power brokers in the Central Nation community. He plans revolution, but I don’t think enough information is given to find out his exact methods.

Back in the Winter Country, the Messenger has shown up and summoned the faux Crimson Scholar. Everything seems to go according to plan until the poor girl is actually yoked and put in chains. Suddenly she’s whipped viciously across the back, splashing blood all across the wooden stage that town has gathered around. The Winter King, Knight, Hero (from a distance), the entire town and the viewers are forced to the flesh get stripped from this girl. And I know I’m watching anime, and not some scene from Roots, or Glory, but I was moved. It was actually hard for me to watch. And it’s at it’s worst where I’m treated to this show at its best.

The poor serf, she actually stands up as the Messenger taunts her and begins to speak. She gives this entire speech talking about her own history in the guise of the Crimson Scholar. The loss of siblings under horrible conditions (I don’t even want to think about what happened to the sister who was sent up to a man’s room and never returned). Some of her siblings worked to death, or just unlucky, in the end it was just her and her little sister who survived. She took to heart the Maid’s earlier speech about insects, and used it to raise herself up proudly as a human. Something I’m sure the Maid also aspired to be as well. Even as the Messenger beat her about the head, and called for the crowd to stone her to death (with some big ass stones mind you), she still spoke out. Loud. Clear. Proud. My poor ability to describe the emotion behind it, leaves me with only the ability to say you need to be there. You need to see it for yourself.

In a wonderful turn of events, she turns the crowd completely against the Messenger and his entourage. And the Winter King himself stepped in to make sure she wasn’t beheaded. One little girl’s passionate words turn the entire situation around. Hero was left there on the rooftop with nothing to do. And I think that’s a good thing, because the memory of that speech is much more memorable than any feats of valour Hero could have pulled off. I was damn excited at the end of that scene! To be sure, the Winter Country has made enemies of the Central Church, and the Central Nation alliance that once supported them. But I love how they sensibly sided with a woman who fed and nurtured them, to organizations that used them and left them to starve.

As the hope warms over those involved, we’re then treated to a scene of some unknown demon, who appears to have prophetic eyes (perhaps the next in line to Demon King). And then we’re treated to a rather confusing scene involving the Demon King. She appears to be in the middle of whatever ceremony it is to quell the old demon kings. And impression is given that things aren’t going very well. We are also shown the faces of not just one, but many Heros. Perhaps the rabbit hole goes much deeper than anyone imagined for this story line. I get a very dour impression from this scene.

This episode is outstanding! And I base that all on the serf’s trials and speech. She went through absolute hell that day, and somehow came out not only on top, but as a better person that day. She poured out her heart, and the world changed a little bit that day. My second favorite scene was the one that took place right before she turned herself in to the Messenger. There was a scene in the tower where she was crying over her powerlessness, and it cut to the Maid waiting outside the keep for the old demon kings. It gave the clear impression that they were thinking and feeling the same thing in that moment. And I love it when a visual narrative comes together like that.

I certainly don’t regret picking up this show now, at the very least for this one episode, that one moment. I think it may be one of those episodes that other anime fans hear about that draws them into the show. There’s much to look forward to in episode 10, but for now I can bask in the joy of watching this week.

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