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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep8: what is easily given, is easily taken (back)

I am really enjoy Maoyuu Maou Yuusha on a basic level. And when I say that, I mean I enjoy just watching despite any criticisms. And even better, I enjoy it the most when I can’t muster anything to complain about, like this episode.

And with the first paragraph I shall contradict my opening statement! Impressive, no? Well, with Demon King gone for awhile and one of her maids left in charge of things while she’s gone, you’d expect that illusory ring the maid was given to be a major feature of this episode. Well it’s useful in this episode for about three minutes. You see the Merchant who is in love with Demon King has shown up for negotiations, and he’s a very smart man. So the ring was a weak defense against his intuition. But at least that spares viewers of this episode from having to deal with generally tired shenanigans of people trying to be a different person in a relationship.

The real meat of this episode comes when Hero sees the illusion has failed and cuts through all the bull. He very abruptly teleports the Merchant to Gate City, the integrated human and demon territory. And smoothly and slyly pawns the place off on him. It’s not that Hero doesn’t like the place, or find any value in it. He just sees the greater potential that Merchant has to better it, and the world by doing so. He may also have helped alleviate the pressing situation regarding the crush the Dragon Princess has with him by removing himself from the picture entirely. What I thought would be a very contentious relationship when both characters were introduced, turned out to be one based highly on respect.

Speaking of relationships based on respect, it seems Knight has found a way to dedicate herself to Hero, without it getting in the way of a marriage. She’s dedicated herself to Hero as a Knight. And by him completing the ceremony, it’s clear from Knight’s expression that the contract is quite permanent and binding. Personally, I love I like the idea of her becoming the mistress, but this is a much more moral and “clean” option. I guess it makes more sense, too. Though I thought it was gonna have the makings of a harem, it’s not even close. And that’s refreshing to see. Hero is a one woman man, who knows what he wants and doesn’t get wishy~washy about it at all.

His one-woman in the meantime is apparently entering the heart of her duties in quelling the old Demon Kings. She runs into Mage, kinda. And I’m unclear of the importance or exact relevance of the meeting (not much dialogue was exchanged in the scene), but it seems like some message got across. Perhaps it was the message that Demon King was a good choice to be with Hero. And maybe Mage gave her her blessing. It’s hard to tell.

To conclude the episode, the cast is hit with a pretty hard crisis. Seems the church heads have gotten wind of Demon King’s actions as Scholar, and aren’t too happy about it. Shamefully, her life sustaining potato is viewed as demon plant, unfit for human consumption. And all that lovely knowledge about growing crops is an affront to their god of Light. The church makes such perfect antagonists in this show. And to top things off, they’re demanding the Winter Country hand over Demon King, or be marked as traitors… or blasphemers. It’s bad either way.

The Winter King and Old Man, of course hurry to the little village where Demon King lived, but unfortunately, and as we all know, she’s gone. And the only option seems to be to give the poor older maid sister who was perpetrating as Scholar to the zealots. Fortunately, Hero figures out a very straight forward plan. They’ll let the maid be taken away, but once she’s passed Winter Country borders, he’ll ride in as the Black Knight and save her. Let’s hope this plan works as smoothly as he hopes. But no matter what happens, it seems Hero and Demon King’s time in the village is at an end.

As I said in the beginning, I really liked this episode. It moved by at a brisk pace, but still covered a lot of bases without feeling rushed. The scenes with Merchant and Demon King were my favorites because they showed a different side to Hero. He showed that he could think and manipulate events in earlier episodes, but this was a much more cerebral side of him. Actually, I’d say his biggest asset was his charm. He charmed the very smart and charming himself, Merchant. And negotiated a wonderful deal that should help Demon King’s goals down the line. It shows that Hero had a lot more inside of him aside from that warring, naive brute we saw in episode one. Though I won’t stop chirping about wanting to see his full abilities in battle. He’s clearly a badass. And maybe I’ll get that chance in the next episode, though I’m sure it will be more a hit and run. Regardless, I had a good time this episode, and hope for a good one in the episode to follow.

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