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Vividred Operation ep4: not my waifu!

Episode 3

It’s getting a little silly to say that I’m impressed by this silly show week after week, but I am. It’s got that same classic “friends are friendship and power” vibe that a lot of mahou shoujo have, but it doesn’t beat you with it as hard as other shows do. And I think this episode will strike home for a lot of otaku. It’s all about protecting your waifu. If your waifu was a giant satellite power plant.  HA!

I’m not very astute when it comes to biology, but I’m tempted to say the Alone are jealous sea arthropods out for vengeance… then again the last one was a worm… ugh! So confused! Anyway, the girls start the episode by smashing another Alone and working on their defense. And while they do that we see Himawari getting curious about Akane’s stuffed grandpa (if this confuses you, go back to episode 1). Being a hikkikimori and a hacker who loves technology, she was bound to be drawn into the action.

Someone’s been hacking into the military network, and Akane’s grandpa is curious to find out who in her class was doing it. Don’t worry abut logic here.  All networks and firewalls are subject to child hackers.  It’s the rule.  And I’m not talking about a sophisticated network.  It’s generally one child, one nerd.  And in anime, they’re always in the same classroom, or graduating class as the main character.  It just IS.

Well things work out quite well for the shut-in, and the stuffed ferret when Himawari spots him with her classroom camera, but it gets promptly destroyed by Akane hitting a homerun in a now ironically titled game of softball.  Akane attempts to return the busted camera to Himawari, who lets her in only because she knows she has the walking talking ferret in her bag.

Himawari is in the perfect technology shut-in room.  It’s cold, it’s dark and there are no windows so you don’t have to worry about any of that annoying glare from the sun on your monitor.  Though being a dad, I can’t help but look at all the tech constantly running in their and think about that electric bill.

Oh wait! Perpetual power to everyone all over the planet!  How could I forget!  I really am over thinking this.

Well Himawari starts talking to the girls about her love of technology, and specifically her love of one of the satellite power station relays that sends that precious energy to places all over the world.  The girls attempt to befriend her by getting her dressed and going to see the place.  And don’t yo know it?  That Alone has come back and damages that very same station.  Akane seeing that this will probably drive her new friend towards homicidal madness (I kid, she’s just a little overly attached to that thing) takes the little shut-in to the power station so she can fix it (because she’s a child genius, and they always master multiple disciplines in their field).

As Akane goes to help her friends, Himawari treats us to a classic shoujo style flashback.  A girl in her class is being bullied (cyber-bullied for those who want to be trendy), and Himawari attempts to be a good friend by helping her find out who started all this.  The girl promises not to tell anyone she helped to help her avoid any backlash.  Unfortunately, when the bully girls get in trouble for their action they go after the girl Himawari helped.  The girl under pressure folds to her adversaries and points out Himawari.  This of course causes our little shut-in to… well shut herself in her home and be the bitter emo little hermit that she is now.  It’s a good thing Akane shows up in time to save her from the collapsing plant, or else she would have died like that.  And that’s just not acceptable in an upbeat show like this, maybe in Madoka Magica, but not Vividred Operation.

It’s long been a foregone conclusion at this point that Himawari would be joining the mahou shoujo gang.  This genre isn’t very big on have cute bridge bunnies and support characters if their cute girls.  That role is reserved for familiars and cute animals, hence the grandpa and his form.  And her defensive and reflective abilities fit perfectly into the team’s needs.  When the Alone gets its hyper mode, we also get to see Vivid Yellow and her spectacular abilities.  Though Vivid Yellow’s color scheme and powers do remind me quite a bit of Cure Sunflower’s abilities in Heartcatch Precure.  Also, if the mahou shoujo are combining powers, shouldn’t they combine colors as well, shouldn’t there be a cure purple, burgundy or magenta around here somewhere?  Am I the only one noticing this?

OK! OK! I’m moving on!  I said I’d keep these posts short, and this show is all about cute girls, flashy action and soft butts.  So there’s no need to get too deep into this.

Vividred Operation has provided another very entertaining episode.  And Himawari is probably my favorite character so far.  It’s easy to find her a little annoying with her pessimistic attitude, but she’s a good counter personality to the other mostly upbeat characters.  I love her abilties as well, as she makes for a good support character to the other heavily offensive mahou shoujo.  The team’s coming along nicely.  Now if they could just win over that evil chick who keeps super charging the Alone…

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