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Binbougami ga! ep3: your morals are sh*t!

Episode 2

I would say that Sakura Ichiko has become morally bankrupt piece of crap in my eyes, but that would prove that I haven’t been paying attention.  She’s what we imagine when the words “one percent” are uttered. She’s the epitome of the female women love to hate because of her good fortune and demeanor.  You could even say that she’s a guy’s worst nightmare and their natural predator, because as this episode helps demonstrate, she won’t hesitate to use a man for her aims.  And if that doesn’t work, she’d just as easily toss them away.  But with all that said, she somehow manages to skirt by by the fact that she’s actually not a horrible person.  Something deep down keeps saving her.  A horrible memory, a sense of obligation, or a small shriveled up conscience.  Sakura’s soul camps outside the gates of hell, resisting the void via the tug of a tiny string… and her massive surplus of good fortune.

So I can’t say this is round 3 of Sakura and Momiji’s battle over her fortunes in Binbougami ga!, because things play out more naturally here. Momiji doesn’t take any direct action, nor does seem to have any plan. Sakura’s sh*tty attitude just allows the plot to play out on its own. Sakura finds Momiji on her couch watching TV, and asks her what the hell she’s doing in her apartment. Well Momiji counters by telling her to be grateful that she’s around, because the device she’s holding prevents her from sucking away other people’s positive fortune. She means nothing to Sakura who promptly tosses the device and Momiji out of her apartment. By the way, that creepy monk is hanging out outiside her apartment again for no good reason.

The next day Sakura is left thinking in class, and she gets the idea that it would be fun to have a boyfriend. Low and behold the guy who’s been sleeping next her in class since episode one wakes up for a moment. And she finds him attractive. She’s tempted to make the moves on him, but while she’s daydreaming about his conquest, he’s already left class. Pretty quick for someone so groggy that he mumbles in his sleep. She’s quite fortunate (of course) to find out that he’s left his student I.D. under his desk. So it’s a simple matter to find the address and reap her rich boyfriend rewards.

Yeah, that’s not what happens. The guy, whose name is Keita Tsuwabaki by the way, is grateful for the good deed, but he doesn’t have nearly the rewards she expected. His home is actually a tiny apartment populated by a clan of siblings. And they’re quite poor. Now all Sakura has to do at this point is eat her modest, heartfelt dinner and bow out of the apartment graciously. But NO! NO! NO! NO! She decides to have a conversation with him about his poverty, and how everything would be better if they had more money. And about how money is the most important thing in the world! More than money! SHEESH! She even tosses money on their table to show Keita how much happier his family would be with more money! You NEVER toss money at poor people! NEVER! Even if you only make $30,000 a year, it still makes you a rich doucebag that NO ONE likes! Keita’s rebuttal is to toss the money at her and tell her to get out! Good, I say! Good!

The next day, Sakura is still steamed about Keita’s blow up, because somehow she doesn’t understand how insulting her action were, when she runs into his little brother, Ryuuta. She attempts to smooth things over by BUYING the boy, and eventually buying her way back into the family with favors. And thanks to her great good fortune, she buys Ryuuta a super rare card. And despite the fact that he calls her Tittyko instead of Ichiko, she leaves feeling good about herself. And Ryuuta is super excited to have his new super rare card.

Now it’s pretty clear what happens to people who get too close to Sakura. She steadily sucks up whatever good fortune they have, and I’m guessing Ryuuta didn’t have much because sh*t goes bad for him fast. His new card floats down into a sewer grate. The boy lifts the loose sewer grate and climbs into the sewer to get it! Then a pair of adults come by while he’s down there and close up the grate, and park a car on it! Now the stupid kid is stuck in the sewers, and it begins to rain! Guess what? This kid’s probably gonna drown in poop water.

Later, Keita comes home to receive news from his oldest sister that Ryuuta hasn’t come home. So he searches high and low for her, eventually running into Sakura. When they meet, they have a bit of a conversation about the day before. And while Keita says that he understands the importance of money, and some of Sakura’s points, he has his pride. And he also wants to set a good example for the rest of his family since they depend on him so much. And for those reasons, he refuses any of Sakura’s help or advise. That’s when Momiji makes another appearance, just in time to make Sakura eat all the harsh words she’s been uttering all episode. On the outside, Sakura sticks to what she’s said, but still accepts Momiji’s gifts when she finds out that Ryuuta is in mortal danger.

Turns out that despite slogging through a cold wet sewer with water rushing through all the time, Ryuuta is still alive, barely. Keita finds him first as he clings to the edge of life and drowning. But he’s unable to save the kid before Ryuuta slips into the water. That dirty, dirty poop water. Thankfully, Sakura flies into the water with no fear at all. Saving the kid with a ridiculous series of events that could only happen thanks to her good fortune.

It seems that her and Keita have reached a bit of an understanding (which makes sense when someone saves your sibling). Too bad the same can’t exactly be said for her and Momiji. They’re still at each other’s throats by the end of the episode.

There were a few things I found interesting about this episode. First of all, it seems that Momiji has more respect for humanity than I had expected. She says she doesn’t care about Sakura’s personal problems, and she doesn’t really seem to care about people at a glance, but that looks more and more like an act. Sakura and her really do have plenty of underlying personality traits in common. Then there’s Sakura herself. She genuinely disgusted me this episode, while in previous episodes I just merely thought she was ignorant and sheltered. She still is, but I was amazed at her inability to both think and feel this episode. If she wasn’t throwing money in the face of poor kids, then I may actually have pitied her. For once, Momiji clearly came out looking like the good guy. But I’m still loving how complicated things are. No one’s clearly bad, or evil, or right, or wrong, they’re all just trying to do what they think is best. Even Sakura. *sigh* What an idiot.

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