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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep7: I’m sorry, but how is she the only person in the world with this information?

Episode 6

I usually come off in a negative tone when I start a conversation with a question. And it’s not the preschool crap that announcers say at the end of episodes.

“Will Domon survive the attack?”

“Can Kirby float to the other side of that moat?”

“Did the butler really do it?”

The answers are yes (he’s the star of the f*cking show); yes (Kirby can float forever, just like he can suck infinity); and yes (the butler always does it, but usually with the help of the slutty/greedy maid). What I really want to know is how the world of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is so prehistoric and backwards that it hasn’t figured out basic agricultural and navigational techniques and devices, but it can have this sophisticated economic system based on war? And don’t give me that crap about basic medieval serfdom and the intervention of magic either. This Demon King chick is either a damn time traveler or she has help.

Well I was completely wrong with my assumption that hell was gonna break lose soon after the beginning of this episode. Usually when things are said to be as peaceful as explained at the beginning of episode 7, you expect there to be a sudden catastrophe. That is not quite the case. The next scene is actually just Hero and Knight sparring in the front lawn. And they showed something that again kinda befuddles me. Even casually Hero has some amazing abilities. I was impressed to see Knight was actually anywhere near his level. It really does just make me wish that he would get more action, on almost any level. It’s such a huge tease to anyone who enjoys action. Though the more telling aspect of the scene was when Hero and Knight finished sparring and were getting washed off afterward. The sexual tension wasn’t transparent at first, at least not until Knight’s clothes were! And though they tried to play it off, it’s clear that Knight is no longer spectating. She believes she still has a chance with Hero and she’s going to be going for it from now.

Another interesting scene was seeing the disgraced general who fled Gate City on trial. Clearly the council of judgmental old men wasn’t going for his weak excuses, and they casually sent the fool to death. It would be nice if that actually panned out…

Meanwhile Hero had his own problems to deal with, this was a very harem favored episode. Turns out he’s being hounded by a pretty and influential Dragon Princess. I gotta say that those hot embers coming out of her mouth were a nice touch… and strangely sexy, too. But Hero was not going for that. I honestly see her situation becoming a bigger problem down the line. The show was then visited by an earthquake, and somehow that was a sign for Demon King to make plans for a trip. This is good to me because I’ve wanted to see more of the Demon Realm for awhile. It’s like the combat in this show. Something so far only teased, and in that way it makes me wonder if it can deliver.

And finally, my favorite scene was when Hero had gone to bed, and Demon King and Knight caught each other trying to sneak into his room. I’m confused by this situation, too. Didn’t Demon King and Hero have a contract that involved their hearts and souls? That sounds like marriage to me. But Knight still didn’t back down and put herself squarely, and (mostly) unapologetically in her rival’s way. She made a comment earlier in the episode about how everyone needed to figure out who the wife and who the mistress would be for Hero (I LOVED that comment by the way). And it’s quite clear that she would be the mistress and would be fine with that. Unfortunately that’s the super-pragmatic approach. And that crap generally doesn’t fly in this medium. No one is backing down, and no one is sharing. But at least they had a nice moment at the end, thanks to the Maid.

Demon King explained to Knight (and a fake sleeping Hero) that she had to be gone for awhile due to her Demon King obligations. This sets the stage up later for some possible shenanigans. She’ll be using the older demon girl maid as her proxy while she is away, and she’s entrusting her further plans and development to Hero. Now all everyone will have to worry about is whether Demon King will survive her uh, Demon King trials; whether Hero can make further progress without everyone knowing the “Crimson Scholar” is gone. And they will also have to avoid the pair of bitter, crazy, disgraced noblemen out for revenge on them and their interests.

Normally, I would tear into an episode with all this harem crap.  But Maoyuu has shown that though it has episodes with a healthy amount of this stuff, I’m willing to put up with it for the characters.  That’s almost a weird thought because I would have claimed this show didn’t contain characters a month ago.  And none of them are really stellar characters at this point, either.  But I want to see this insane undertaking, and the awkward, stiff relationship that binds it to work.  It’s a poor carrot to follow, but this far into the series I’m not just gonna stop caring.

Now if this show could just do me a favor and stop pulling all sorts of inventions out of its butt, that would be great.

  1. Gagaku
    February 16, 2013 at 09:14

    I don’t know what if anything has been revealed yet about these characters in the light novels, but just from what’s been shown in the animation, I think you hit the nail on the head: Maou is indeed a time/dimension traveler, possibly from our own world and time. How else would she know all of these innovations and inventions, none of which exist in this world? Crop rotation was one thing but a printing press?

    • February 16, 2013 at 21:56

      As I was telling someone on Twitter earlier today, I believe she’s time traveler who was born in modern day Kenya. X^D

      But yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous, but I’ll roll without it for now, just to see how far it goes. Perhaps next episode she’ll invents vaccines or the internal combustion engine?

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Maruki
    February 17, 2013 at 08:15

    Yeah, the only way to make sense of these inventions is to think that Maouu travels through time and space, pretty much like Da Vinci, Guttenberg, Galilei and all these weird people did. Oh, wait.

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