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Muv-Luv ep24: when it all falls down

Episode 23

When it all falls down, when everything fails you’re left with nothing but a bunch of hidden ***holes.  Or at least that seems to be the case when the people you’re bound to are just a bunch of idiots united by hate, naivety.  Oh Muv-Luv, you pulled a Gundam by eliminating as much “fat” as possible from the narrative in the penultimate episode.

This last arc just keeps trucking along.  It doesn’t even waste our time showing us that oh so dangerous plan that everyone agreed to at the end of the last episode.   Apparently their gamble once much of one as we see everyone restocking and refueling for the last leg of the mission, the counterattack.  With so little time to spare, and so little they can control, even the staunchest pilots looked a little nervous.

I’m having trouble figuring out what these rogue soldiers want at this point.  I say “rogue” as opposed to the label of American Christian this time because I’m not sure that all these soldiers are actually American, or who they could possibly be working for.  With the unveiling of Red Shift last episode, the plan to use the RLF to take the base makes even less sense now.  Disrupting valuable lines of defense, exposing the last oasis of food and resources to the world to the BETA; it’s pretty stupid!  I’m starting to think the people behind this are just a bunch of psychopaths.

I’m glad that I had the gorgeous action to help distract me from how ridiculous this has all become.  Seeing the TSF’s in action is almost always a joy.  Everyone going into combat in formation, the swordplay and dogfighting mixed beautifully in combat (though you’d think the guns would connect a little bit more often); it’s again a joy for any mecha fan to see.  While the race is on to stop the BETA before they reach the “finish line”, inside HQ things were falling apart.  Ibrahim was able to save a member of the UN leadership.  But the RLF soldiers were losing it.  Once it was clear that they had been abandoned, their leader, Mariem was killed, then the soldiers starting killing each other and suiciding in droves!  Way to go, “comrades’.

In the end, the disaster was supposed to have been averted not by Yui and Yuuya, but by the Scarlet Twins as they were their handler’s trump card.  Unfortunately, and I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, it looks like that was hijacked.  And now I’m nervous and unsure of what happens when they’re forced to go haywire like this.  I’m really unsure of how the last episode gets handled.  I’m unsure of what that jerk in the stolen Soviet TSF has planned for the Twins.  I’m unsure of how you stop that many rampaging BETA without a giant laser rifle like what Yuuya used in Siberia.  And I’m really unsure of why any of this is actually happening, since I can’t think of a sane motivation for any of this being forced upon the world.  At least I can be sure I’ve enjoyed the ride up until now.  One more to go.


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