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Muv-Luv ep23: Alaska?! Dear God no, not Alaska!

Episode 22

Fun episode, dumb plot.

While I was happy to see Yuuya take the initiative and kick some ass. I was a little disappointed that he ended up being saved by a convenience. Though I am learning that in a way, Yuuya is the anti Kira Yamato. A character who I compared to Yuuya constantly simply because of their very similar looks. He’s learned to see the big picture and function as a part of a unit. And he’s done this consistently.

I forgot to mention during the previous post for this series, that I thought it was a cool and brilliant idea to scare everyone into staying out of the sky by giving fake Laser-class BETA warnings. Well, that would’ve been a silly statement, because they unleashed those things sooner than I expected. It really does turn the point of the whole area upside down. If the BETA are released on the North American continent, then it will only make the area completely unstable. None of this stupid plot seems worth the gambit.

In actual events, one of the cute refugee girls is dead. And I’m glad her crappy suicide attack was only marginally successful. Lt. Cui isn’t the most likable character, but I don’t want her dead by any stretch. And the A-team (I refuse to make a joke there) is on their way back to the RLF HQ to get them some weapons and ammo. And in the situation they’re in, I say f*ck it. Why not? With Inia and Cryska back together in the Terminator, and Yuuya supremely feeling himself at the moment, I say they have a pretty good shot. They just need to not die. The most basic thing in the book.

Let’s see if Lt. Takamura can get her soldiers to preven Alaska from being split in half.


Only in this fictional universe would someone really care about that.

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