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#MuvLuv ep22: don’t trust anyone, but your enemy! #anime

Episode 21

So the situation seems to break down to this: Christian American leadership has instigated and directed a terrorist attack on the UN TSF Test base in Alaska.  And their lead by some bishie with probably a lot of power and influence.  And our team of pilots is fighting with practically no live ammo or information.  So why do we have any incentive to keep watching and not assume the worst?  Because this is anime dumbass!  None of that crap I just said matters!

This was a very set up heavy episode, so I’m anxious to get this over with and continue watching. So I’m only gonna get to my opinion. You got enough synopsis in the opening paragraph.

This episode did two things for me, and those are the very same two things they set out to do, and do right. It got me hyped for the next episode, and it helped explain some of what was going on.  This is a funded movement, using angry refugees as pawns.  It appears the ambitious American leadership behind this united the refugees with a shared hatred and religion. That actually makes this series a bitmore poignant than I was willing to give it credit for.  I don’t doubt for a moment that the moment they accomplish their mission, scrapping the servicemen working on the base and unleashing whatever horrors are encased underneath it, that the Americans will use their military to double-cross those poor foreign losers.  And that effort will be spear headed by the stealth equipped Infinities (Infinites?)

I find this plan to be incredibly stupid given the context of the viewer.  To us, the Cold War is long over and most of these grievances seem petty and out of place.  But in the world of the series, things evolved very differently.  The U.S.S.R. still exists and is still a world military power. Japan is an ultra-nationalistic imperial power.  And that Cold War sentiment is still in the air, heavy and thick.  So despite the fact that humanity is still fighting tooth and nail for its very existence, countries still find time to look out for themselves and play political games. It’s really not very unrealistic to me.  I just find this plot itself to be very over the top and convoluted. It’s not stupid to me, it’s insane.  America is attempting to trade in a shield for a sword in my opinion by threatening the resources of other countries, and the relationships with them.  It may get them more technology, but I don’t know of any strategy where weakening your allies makes YOU stronger.

Little touches I liked in this episode included Yuuya getting to fight with his entire harem due to Cryska and Cui needed TSF’s to stay alive.  Seeing Inia alone may help explain what makes her so special and dangerous.  The reason I’m 100% sure she’s dangerous is because she’s a little girl who is slightly emotionally disturbed.  In anime, and Japanese media in general, that’s all she needs to be a murdering, unstoppable powerhouse… a natural disaster with big cute eyes.  Then there’s seeing Ibrahim, a man of Turkish descent, running into Turkish refugees he likely saved.  I can’t imagine a man of his apparent honor switching sides, but it can’t be a great option for him to kill them either.

All in all, good episode.  Now I’m gonna grab me a cold beer and keep watching!
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