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Check-in Station: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha eps 1-5 (War & Peace & Virgins)

Episode 4

Am I just not permitted to drop anything?  Or is this just a matter of having the right and wrong criteria for judging a show?  Or perhaps I should just stop worrying about it, and focus just on watching a series to completion and then b*tching about it if I don’t like it.  Well none of that is getting solved immediately.  Maoyuu Maou Yuusha has just given itself a stay of execution.  Episode five was pretty good.

As the previous episodes focused heavily on Demon King’s dealings, whether they focused on agriculture, culture or the merchants. I’m grateful to see this episode give Hero a bit more set up and a prominent role. Hero is doing his due diligence, dealing with extremists and attempting to maintain the balance of power in the moderates’ favor. This leads him to the Gate City and the heavy battle ground that area will soon become. The humans are using the captured city as a huge staging ground for more battles. And their occupation of a heavily populated demon area has gone to their heads. There are the classic signs of douchebag soldiers abusing their powers. And as in many anime, they always seem to pick on the cute waitresses, though they are demons who would normally just be oddly colored beasts to these racists. Also of note is that the Winter Prince, someone who seems to be very aware of the vicious cycle his country is in, has become the Winter King due to a horribly failed naval campaign that involved lots of Krakens, and lots of failure. His conversation with another King, the commander of that hideous campaign revealed how well known Demon King’s plans are becoming to the human community. The new Winter King is likely to become a new ally.

We also get a scene where Knight and Demon King work out their differences. Though I think the scene was a bit ridiculous and over dramatic even for an anime. I just don’t see the point on drawing a sword on someone confessing to you. Personally, that would make me shut up. And most importantly, the episode ends with a very good scene for Demon King and Hero. Hero has the nerve to casually show up in her bedroom (probably with the use of his teleportation magic), and just act like things are cool. I was happy to see Demon King physically make him understand that things weren’t the case. Then there was an argument peppered with anger, confusion and jealousy. It actually got rather nasty. But the sounds and sights of the festival occurring below got them to calm down and talk things out. There was even the possibility of a kiss… which of course was foiled for stupid reasons.

For me, the highlight of this episode was clearly the meeting between Demon King and Hero. The relationship seemed so shallow and flat that I was wondering if there was even any point to making it part of the story. And in this one scene we actually see some passion. It was pretty tame for two “lovers” who hadn’t seen each other face to face in a year, but it was still what I needed to see to keep going.

For the past five episodes I’ve done no better than go from cautiously optimistic to bored with the series. It’s nice to see the show pull out more than the standard medieval political intrigue. I thought the show for awhile was just going to use it’s characters as a base with which to tell the plot of the anime. Though without an interest in the characters, I can’t see myself caring about anything. The series could still use more action in my opinion. The glimpses we see of Hero are always impressive. But the show is quick to show you the aftereffects, and not the actual actions. It’s really a waste. Just becasue it’s not an action anime, doesn’t mean we can’t see action. Also, if this series is going to throw all these different characters at me, I’d like to like or hate more than the two main protagonists. And I barely find them likable. Other than that, the show is unique and a generally a joy to view. But I’m still gonna need to see this series step up its game somehow. If I want to be told a series of events I’ll watch PBS or some documentary.

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