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Binbougami ga! ep2: if this is war, then you’re gonna need a bigger gun.

Episode 1

This show is just pure fun all around! To marathon this show would drain my soul into an abyss, for lack of energy. But in one episode spurts, the maniacally manic pace is exhilarating!  I was very curious to see how this Binbougami ga! would follow up such a well executed first episode.  Now I’m curious to see if the entire season can stay this fun.  Where episode one was a epic battle between strange enemies, with Sakura just barely winning through what would best be described as a miracle.  Episode two shows us just what kind of a mountain our “protagonist”, Momiji has to climb.

So Momiji is having a phone call with her superior going over the impossible failure from episode one.  Her boss tells her to stay incognito as much as possible, but also warns her that the longer a god stays in the human realm, the more likely it is that she affects it.  And Momiji counters that such an act is impossibly hard, and asks that she be given the right to stretch her muscles more… so to speak.  That permission is tacitly given.  You just know that whatever Momiji has in mind will be insane and aggressive given her vindictive personality.  So the first half of the episode is a series of fun gags where Momiji is basically trying to kill Sakura.  In softball, she smacks a line drive for Sakura’s head that nearly kills one of the ugly chicks behind her.  She tries an old gag where she wedges an eraser in the doorway hoping for it to fall on Sakura.  Sakura sniffs it out; it’s good thing too because the eraser weighed ONE TON for some reason.  Momiji even manages to nearly blow her up with a stick of dynamite.  Then again, she is the (petty) god of misfortune, so a series of bad events is her M.O.  All this crap is enough to make Sakura lose her cool.  So round one goes to Momiji, who is successful at giving Sakura one of the worst, most stressful days of her life.

As she leaves school however, she comes across a monk who’s pretending to be starving.  The encounter is brief and kind of gross actually, ending with her beating the snot out of him.  And her day doesn’t get any better as she discovers Momiji hanging out again in her closet, and then the monk who has followed her home.  He tells her of how he ended up in town, and offers her some gear to help her fight Momiji, seeing her as a harmful, negative spirit (it’s actually, somewhat correct).  The sacred wooden sword he gives her, and the pervetedly hemmed priestess gear (DAT ASS – HGGGNH!) give Sakura the confidence and ability to face the god of misfortune head on in combat.  Round two of their confrontation takes place in her apartment, as Sakura discovers the ability to summon manifestations of her good fortune.  And they turn out to be powerful, and highly aggressive.  Momiji attempts to counterattack with the same strategy, but because of her terrible, generally lazy personality, her summons are lazy moochers with no positive attributes to them.  Conclusion: Sakura wins in a blow out, by literally knocking Momiji out of her apartment.  The episode ends with Momiji coming to terms with her embarrassing loss.

Overall an episode I had just as much fun watching as the first.  It’s interesting to see the flow of things, even in a fast paced, parody smothered show like this one.  Momiji generally gets the upper hand with slow, methodical traps and set ups.  But when she comes out in the open and forces Sakura’s hand, her good fortune manages to counterattack fiercely, giving what looks like an uncontested win.  There also seemed to be less focus on Sakura’s leech-like tendency to suck up the good fortune of those around her.  And this episode the focus seemed to be on what Sakura was capable of doing herself.  And with Momiji’s “all-out” approach being a complete failure, and with there certainly being a time limit on how much she can meander in the human world, you know things have to be tackled in a different way.

The episode was also a good combination of funny sight gags, otaku-centric (but generally easy to pick up) parodies and balls to the wall action/comedy.  I see no fault in this show up to this point.  It’s somewhat similar to how I felt about Baka to Test to Shokanju at the beginning of its first season.  And if that’s the case, then I could easily see why my friend recommended this to me above all else when it came to 2012 anime I missed.

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