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OreShura ep4: immensely satisfying; eminently embarrassing

Episode 3

Well, I think if may be time to hand out upgrades. This episode has really pushed my opinion of the show in a positive direction. I haven’t been giving OreShura much credit for being a good show. Or at least an entertaining one. Counting this fourth episode, I’d say I’ve enjoyed about 75% of what I’ve seen. And only the first half of the first episode has been truly bad. I think I’m also starting to get this show’s goals and patterns.

Episode three of OreShura concluded with a major blowup, so I was a bit surprised to see things push on normally. Chiwa did end up getting a date with someone, that popular Sakagami guy. So when the time for the date came, Chiwa was patiently waiting for her date. And Eita found himself with Masuzu, watching from afar. It was pretty obvious that Sakagami was gonna be late, or a no-show. It was not obvious that he was actually a complete a-hole. Not only was he late, he wasn’t even there for the date! Turns out he only looks like a nice guy at school. He along with a group of also a-hole friends apparently had a bet going about how long they could get poor Chiwa to wait on him. They even walk up to her to make it clear what he was doing. All of this was all too much for Eita who makes it clear that he’s gonna go down there. Masuzu attempted to intervene by telling him that this will just open Chiwa’s eyes to the terrible reality of love. But Eita strongly responded that there view on life shouldn’t be forced on others and pushes his way through.

This is where things get embarrassing. I mean really hard to watch embarrassing. For some reason Eita decided to don his long discarded “Burning Fighter” persona to get the courage to stand up for Chiwa. Man, just seeing him go through that speech, and act out that crap was enough to make me curl up into a ball. All of his efforts got a lot of attention, but it also ended up getting his butt kicked. Things threatened to really go south when one the bullies found Chiwa annoying and went to hit her, too. That’s when a pole comes thrown on to the scene out of nowhere.

This is where things get satisfying.

Chiwa picks up the pole and dons a swordsman’s stance, a kendo stance. And then to state things succinctly, she kicked all the guy’s butts, apologized to them for leading on Sakagami and let them go. It was really nice to see. And quite timely since not only was Chiwa about to get decked, but Eita was literally being beat bloody.

The narrative shot forward after that and Eita is talking to one of his classmates about Eita’s newly asquired weird reputation, and the now well known fact that Sakagami is a complete jerk and two-timer. The narrative then moves to a scene after school where Eita meets up with Masuzu. It’s interesting to see her reaction to the event after some time has passed. I have trouble pinning her down on either her words or her actions. When viewing, she really does come across as less than a complete b*tch. But then she immediately follows those actions up with blunt statements about how everything she just did is a complete farce, or how it’s done in her best interest. She even punctuates their after-school meeting with a kiss! But then prefaces it with a statement about how his first kiss was to her, and Chiwa had nothing to do with it. She then further ruins the moment by telling some JoJo’s joke. Curious-er and curious-er.

The episode concluded with a scene of harem-esque quality. It was kinda weird. First Eita finds Chiwa getting cleaned up in his bathroom, then he find Masuzu cooking breakfast in his kitchen, and neither chick has any idea the other one is in the house, until Eita can no longer juggle the two and they meet. Let the awkward, broken rivalry continue.

Also, it looks like Eita has a surprise waiting for him in the next episode.

Overall, I loved this episode! It had a lot of highlights. The random kiss, Chiwa’s Counterattack, Eita and Masuzu’s argument before he goes to save Chiwa; all really nice, memorable moments. It seems too, that it’s pretty clear that every episode is going to feature Eita and/or Chiwa acting out something embarrassing. But I’m fine with that if the payoff is going to be this nice. And all three of the main characters are growing on me in various ways. Eita is showing that he can be far more than his normal, boring self. Chiwa is showing layers too, and making me believe that the word “vapid” doesn’t apply to her. And Masuzu is a strange character that I still find myself at least being interested in knowing more about. She’s incredibly manipulative, but I think that she believes she’s smarter and more evil than she really is. I’m genuinely hoping I get to see more of these characters and their different layers. I’m hoping that saying that OreShura is a good show won’t bite me in the end when this series is complete.

  1. Mentar
    January 27, 2013 at 11:24

    You can consider both Masuzu and Eita as onions. Their interactions in the club will have them peel away layers off them, bit by bit, until the tears come out. This is what the show is all about in the end, wondering when the “It’s all just fake” facade will fall, and what is truly underneath 😉

    Enjoy the ride!

    • January 27, 2013 at 13:57

      I am enjoying it. Especially the parts where I’m left guessing Masuzu’s intentions. It feels nice to get excited about a romantic comedy again. And thanks for commenting.

  1. February 10, 2013 at 05:33

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