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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep4: I may have perhaps made a mistake here.

Episode 3

I’m starting to feel I may have made a mistake picking up this show.  Maoyuu Maou Yuusha has been reasonably pretty and entertaining, but I will require more than that for me to stick around for a short 12 – 13 episode season.

Thing start off progressively enough with Demon King meeting with a pair of influential merchants. One especially important character is the Young Merchant (gah! These names, I hate typing them!). Though only in short glimpses and scenes, he’s shown enough of his personality to show that he’s a very shrewd, smart and focused individual. He seems to be the perfect example of a merchant in this series. After all, they are the most important class in human society in this series. The compass Demon King gave him in the previous episode has piqued the interests of his circle of allies. And it has led him to take up her request for a meeting and negotiations.

By the way, I’m skipping the opening sequence where the Demon King was getting dressed for the meeting. The only thing it established was that six months have passed in the story since the previous episode, and also that Hero has been extremely successful in his endeavors. Other than that, it was a lot of talk about how the Demon King was very pretty, had big boobs and how she could end up becoming a shrew. Moving on-!

The negotiations in short, are very successful. There were tense moments where Young Merchant saw Demon King’s actions as suspicious, but when she confronted him on his ideals of putting contracts first, he dropped his mask of religious, pattriotic love for humanity and the Central Nations. Once they established a good merchant relationship, he took her up on her offer of starting corn crops. And he ended up being so enamored with her (and her massive boobs) that he proposed to her. She turned him down of course, but he’s a persistent fellow.

The episode then switches focus to Demon King and Hero. Apparently, he’s not revisited the village in the entire six month time that he’s been gone. That’s pretty absurd. I can actually understand Demon King’s qualms considering he has bloody teleportation magic! We then learn that Hero has actually been visiting, he just hides from the Demon King when he does. What the hell? I know they have a terrible relationship (by that I mean it’s shallow and awkward, not that it lacks emotion or affection), but this is unacceptable. The Japanese really do overplay this pure virgin thing alot. And this is a good example. What annoys me even more than that is that we don’t get to see any action, or much of any comedy either. There’s a little side political intrigue when we see the old man and a noble/prince talk about the situation of their nation, and the war. But overall this episode is just a somewhat weak and quick negotiation, and a lot of talk about feelings. I have to hold my head here, because if this show is just going to continue to skip over potentially interesting parts.

Overall, I’m somewhat disappointed by this episode. The series isn’t showing much pop, or much to keep me interested. And after four episodes, that’s starting to be a bad sign.


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