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Check-in Station: Kamisama Dolls eps1-5 (child soldiers are never a good idea)

Man, these episodes are getting really good. I thought the fight between Utao and her doppelganger would stop once Kyohei ran into them. But was I ever wrong! Holy sh*t! Not only did it not stop, it escalated into something ridiculous. I wanted to reach through the screen and slap Utao because she really, honestly started this crap. She has a TERRIBLE time controlling herself! The dolls ended up fighting in the sky; in public streets; in front of hordes of people! GEEZUS!

in the end, both dolls ended up being near totalled. Utao’s doll got beat to hell, and ended up losing a hand. Her twin took major damage thanks to his (yes, it’s a boy) attempt at a death blow that miraculously ended up backfiring. The Koujiro guy who has all the piercings and the shades mentioned how they have a terrible time controlling themselves and it intensely shows here.

This debacle is the perfect excuse however to get the characters and the narrative in general to take a trip to Kyohei’s “home” village. After all, the village is the only place that can fix the dolls anyway. Once there, we see that Kyohei still harbors some ill will among the villagers. We also get to see the leadership behind the rival Hyuga clan that’s been hunting Aki up to this point. Seems like the head of the clan is a real old mean bastard! Utao’s twin seems to live in real terror of him. And it’s no wonder since old man disciplines him by beating him bloody with a wooden sword. To make matters worse, it seems Mr. Shades and Piercings suspects that the old man released Aki on purpose. My guess is that he’s power hungry and he wanted Aki so he could see if he could be a Seki for that monster of a doll in his basement, Amaterasu.

Through five episodes I have to say I’m really enjoying this series so far. It has incredibly weird comedic timing very often. And some of the more cliche anime aspects just seem unnecessary. But so far the series has been a combination of beautiful, wonderful to listen to, intriguing and engaging. I’m lacking a favorite character right now, but the series is still young.

Kyohei right now is likely the biggest mystery, aside from the origins of the dolls themselves.  Whatever horrible incident that occurred all those years back was, it completely broke him. He’s calm on the outside, but he’s a bit unstable underneath.  It just seems that Aki is the only one who knows how to tap it.  Every flashback, every expulsion of the past that Hibino can get out of him, it’s a step closer to understanding this series as a whole.  I don’t know if he’s game for it, or even capable of controlling a doll anymore, but I think he secretly misses some of that power.

The other mains are his little sister, Utao, who now controls the doll he once did.  She’s honestly the most frustrating character in the show.  But she is just a kid in a big role of responsibility.  And I will admit, that it’s a bit refreshing to see a little girl in an anime that isn’t sexualized.  It doesn’t happen that often it seems.  She’s clumsy, has haphazard control of her doll, and also seems to be a tad emotionally unstable.  But what kid isn’t.

Then there’s Hibino, the love interest.  She only has loose ties to the village that Kyohei and Utao came from, but she seems to be interested not just because of the flying dolls.  But she appears interested in Kyohei himself.  I expected her to be annoying, like Orihime (Bleach), but thankfully that hasn’t come true.

I thought early on the main villain would be Aki Kuga.  He starts off the series ominously enough.  Is pretty unstable and unhinged.  I’d say so far he’s top of the list for this series in terms of needing incarceration and psychological therapy.  But even if he doesn’t end up being the Big Bad at the end.  He’s an effective antagonist.  I almost feel sorry for him at times.  But then I remember all the people he’s killed.

It’s weird. Though I say I’m loving the show, I can’t really pinpoint one aspect that really gets my attention. The animation is beautiful. The music is a joy. And the show can get pretty intense at times. But overall I just find myself wishing had more time to marathon this show. And I think that’s a pretty good sign of what I like. The series is only thriteen episodes long. So I’m actually hoping I don’t breeze through it too quickly.

Usually at this point I would make a list of questions I’d like the show to answer before it ends. But right now I’m just hoping to end the series with the same amount of fervor I have now.

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