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OreShura ep3: when winning is losing, and dreams are goals.

I had trouble identifying what anime I was watching this week.  There was some Chuunibyou (coincidentally just started on that series, too), some Toradora!, and a gumbo of Dragonball Z, Shakugan no Shana and some other stuff thrown in for good measure.  But I think this mess of an episode managed to hold my interest and hopes a little bit. I guess it’s a good thing too, I need to have hope for some shows after all.  If not I’ll just look like an angry old man.  OreShura!  Let’s go!

Episode 3 doesn’t skip a beat.  Masuzu, Eita and Chiwa (I’m starting to remember the names now, yay!) are at a table thinking up their next scheme for getting Chiwa popular.  Somehow… Someway, they figure that if they act out a scene from some manga that it will do the trick.  Personally, I think Masuzu has been drinking too much of her own Kool-Aid (she’s too confident in herself), but everyone agrees too it.  And that begets a scene of almost unimaginable embarrassment.  I think the “air guitar” scene from last episode may only barely be worse.  I mean Eita during the act, pulled out shades and talked about how her fighting power was raising by unimaginable numbers.  AAAAARGH!

I expected stunned silence and confusion. Instead the class bursts into applause and cheers! Apparently the class believed it to be some kind of improv comedy skit.  Which I guess is kinda a cool.  Though the coolest part was seeing how embarrassed Masuzu was to see all her ridiculous “drama” viewed as something completely the opposite.  HA!  Take that you evil shrew!

Despite my reveling in her failures, Masuzu is spot-on in her shallow predictions of what people want.  It seems so twisted me when that happens though.  She predicts that with that performance, the target of Chiwa’s affections (like the target of a Sidewinder missile) is primed and ready.  Chiwa agrees to ask the younger Sakagami brother out via traditional shoe cupboard method.  But Chiwa couldn’t look anymore half-hearted if you cut her heart out and cut that in half.  Too much?  Sorry.  And though I once again thought Masuzu’s plans would fail in the end, it seems all the weird crap she was saying about guys played out.  Chiwa had a boyfriend.  And that begets the drama.

After school, Eita and Chiwa have a celebratory dinner.  And that’s when it all sets in for Chiwa.  She starts crying.  Eita doesn’t know what to do and it’s a disaster.  We then get a flashback to the pair’s most important moment.  It too was a dinner with just the two of them.  But it definitely had happier moments.  That dinner turned out to be the moment when Chiwa (still recovering from her surgeries) decided on how she was going to move on from kendo.  And it was the dinner where Eita (formerly a straight C’s student) decided to devote himself to studying and school, and in that way devoted himself to Chiwa.  It was a very good, poignant flashback because we got a deeper understanding of a situation we only thought we understood.

Up to this point, the viewers should already understand that Chiwa has a deep seated crush on Eita.  And we knew that her going out with another guy was probably the end of an era.  But the dinner flashback explains why she broke down so completely. I t amazes me that Eita still didn’t get it.  It’s unbelievable actually.  I guess the point is that maybe Eita’s tunnel vision towards his goal has made him lose focus on Chiwa completely.  It will be interesting to see how they both rebound from this.  I’m guessing a lot of awkward moments are coming.

Overall, a mediocre episode turned memorable thanks to some real heart.  I’m honestly looking forward to next week.

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