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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep3: you’re gonna need to tart it up!

Episode 2

Well it looks like Demon King has made the most of six months of down time and a hard winter. The sleepy little village she’s adopted is flourishing thanks to agricultural strategies. And now she has to consider her next steps. Building a network of influence based on this meager living, and getting in Hero’s pants. I can dig it!

You start this episode wondering what kinda progress has been made, and when you realize that it’s been the better part of a year since this endeavor you’re happy they skipped a lot of it. A bunch of potato growing and quiet, boring, cold nights. And NO SEX. No sex, whatsoever. There’s no blushing, blossoming or any of that. Just a lot of quiet satisfaction. And I’ve had about enough of that! This is anime! Ain’t sh*t good about it unless something’s gone wrong! Which is why I’m glad Demon King is branching out to find new problems to conquer.

Their first step is visiting a convent. The Demon King probably doesn’t exactly like the church that demonizes her race, but she recognizes the power it holds over humans and their lives. She asks Hero about his feelings towards the church and the Light Spirit they worship (man these are some generic titles being given to everything). I find this action to be relevant, but a bit late. You would think that she had made enough conversational progress with Hero to know his thoughts on religion. I mean she does want to exchange body fluids with the dude. Am I being too gross? Sorry, if I am. I tend to be pretty blunt on this subject. Anyway, it’s anime. The question is relevant and timely. And it’s not that important so let’s move on…!

The Hero is surprisingly ambivalent towards the Light Spirit, seeing it as something to be tapped more so than something to be worshiped. Good enough for Demon King I suppose, though I doubt her feelings towards him would change much. The envoy they meet at the convent is a bit of a surprise though. It’s one of Hero’s party members, the blunt and rude tomboy knight. And she’s none too pleased to see him again. Well actually she’s very happy to see him again, but mad… ugh! Women!

Anyway, things are hammered out, Demon King (operating under the disguise of Scholar) feeds Knight (ugh, these names!) the bogus story about him wounding the Demon King, but being driven away by her hordes. The Knight buys it (sorta) and then receives Demon King’s proposal for adoption and dispersal of her strategies. I thought it was a little funny those strategies centered on the potato, as we know how badly things can turn out when you rely on potatoes, just ask the Irish. But that’s unfair because this strategy involves many more crops around the potato. At the end of the meeting we get a strange standoff between Demon King and Knight. Eh! It looks like something only women would understand, but I think they see each other as rivals. It makes sense I guess. I don’t see it, but maybe I’m being as oblivious as Hero. Knight just doesn’t act like she has romantic feelings towards Hero.

The episode ends with Demon King talking to Hero about their next strategy at the Winter Village. She’s built a compass that will greatly help the all powerful merchant alliance of humans navigate, she hopes to use that as a way to get their influence on her side. Though it looks like that idea may not be so simply pulled off with the crafty and greedy merchants. She also plans to use Hero’s unparalleled skill to quell rebellions and dissenters among her demon brethren. With the reveal of the suit he’ll be using to disguise himself, we see that he’s actually the dark knight from the OP. Nice! And very clever! This also means that we’ll finally, hopefully get to see some real combat! YES! Perhaps this show will be getting more complicated now. Let’s hope for it.

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