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Senran Kagura ep1: shimapan to the face!

There’s no end to the ways something can be interpreted, sometimes to the point of being unrecognizable.  Whether that be the concept of ninjas, of mahou shoujo, sexual assault or even a bad show.  Senran Kagura lends itself towards being any and all of these things.  Though I’ll also add that fun to the list.  This appears to be a bad, but fun show.  And I think that it makes it interesting enough to watch.

OK, this is a pervy anime through and through.  An utterly ridiculous, bouncy, pervy anime full of cute girls doing stuff that makes them spread their legs and jiggle.  Now I’m not gonna be a complete hypocrite and say I’m appalled by this in any sense.  I did used to have a recurring Pervy Images of the Week blog post thingy that I did for awhile (and thanks to this show it may be coming back).  I just want to make it absolutely clear to anyone considering watching this show.  Read my words, and take a good look at the pics I use in this post.  If you don’t like seeing lady parts, and the unmentionables the “ladies” use to cover them, then you won’t be having a lot of fun watching this.  This is not Naruto!

For the rest of us, it’s a familiar setting.  Another damn high school.  Five girls whose names aren’t even as memorable as their ridiculous body dimensions are attending an elite school, that secretly houses their ninja training academy.  They have the standard eccentric teacher, though he is a little girl.  Though I’d find it hilarious if he used tear gas instead of smoke bombs to disappear.  There’s rivalries, and the show revolves around the idiot in the group.  Actually there’s more than one idiot, so I best use a name now.

The show seems to revolve around Asuka, but it looks like all five of the girls are going to get plenty of lines and spotlight.  The character designs are appealing enough, but it’s incredibly easy for me to enjoy something with sexified anime girls in short skirts and knee socks & stockings.  Though I do have a few qualms.  One of the main ones being those ridiculous outfits the characters wear as they go into serious battle.  I think someone was really horny when they designed the blonde girl’s (Katsuragi) outfit.

As for the plot…. HA!  It appears to be too soon to even guess at it.  All I know is that there are some rival kunoichi in the area that want to make trouble, but I have no idea of anyone’s goals up to this point.  I’m just interested to see their character designs.  This appears to be a show that would benefit from some figure sales.

Overall, nothing really special with this show besides a little ninja action, some sexy bounciness and below average comedy.  I’ll be sticking with it for a little bit, if anything for the perviness.  It’s always nice to have at least one trashy show in your queue, just so you don’t get too stuck up about your anime watching.

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