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Maoyuu Mao Yuusha ep2: the best seat in the house

Episode 1

The first episode of Maoyuu felt like it was nothing but concept. And it wasn’t even a fully fleshed out concept either, more like the stuff of a child’s fantasy. A hero and a “queen” come together a midst a long intractable war, and wed in order to bring happiness to the world. All the talking, all the lore, all the unsaid promises in this show now have to be put into motion and realized. The show is taking this literally. It’s time for the Hero and the Demon King to put their plans into action.

Small steps are being taken as the lovely and surprisingly less awkward than expected couple travel to a small human village to put the beginning stages of the Demon King’s plans into action. It is here that we also meet the Head Maid, who is quite the capable character. She’s an interesting character, though not special in any regards. It’s just handy to have someone around who’s capable and awkwardly out of touch like the two main protagonists are. In anime, maids tend to have dual roles as well. I wonder if she’ll be more than the Demon King’s right hand from within the mansion.

The Demon King lays out her most basic strategies in this episode. Like using the village they currently occupy to showcase some of her knowledge and techniques for acquiring and maintaining peace. The most important thing of course being feeding the growing and barely sustainable populace with smart farming techniques. Though she’s not without some petty resistance.

We also meet two unexpectedly important characters in the form of two runaway child serfs. I was a bit confused when the Head Maid was giving them such a stern lecture about serfs and insects, and the Demon King was just asking the tense Hero to stand back and watch. Turns out the children were demon children. And they’d been given a new lease on life the Head Maid as her understudies, so to speak. I really expected those dirty little brats to be sent back to their life of poverty and starvation.

A very plain episode all in all, but important baby steps are made. The Hero, seeing all of the Demon King’s work and contribution to peace and education, wonders how useful his life is, and if he even understands what peace is. I think that’s an important thing to think about for a warrior whose goal is permanent peace. When the killing is all done, what will his purpose be? I’ve seen some characters fold under that question and choose war when faced with the unknown. it would be nice if the Hero could develop into a character who was smart enough to understand that peace means he has to be more than a shield and a sword.

As for the Demon King herself, she has shown good patience and judgement so far. Everything so far is well thought out and done in a relatively safe way. She’s winning over the village bit by bit. And maybe she can develop more of an interest in humans aside for her love/lust for the Hero. She’s a pretty well rounded character right now though, so I can’t complain too much.

As I said, not particularly exciting, but thoughtful. I’m interested to see what action this series can show us. And with the Hero running into one of his old colleagues, I think there might be a chance for some fireworks.

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