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OreShura ep2: So Dirty

Episode 1

I could not be more pleased with a show that has heart. Something that tugs at your heart strings, a series that warms up your insides and turns your hard emotions into jelly. You know, something that makes you root for a character trying to make their way. Right now, OreShura does not have that. Matter of fact, it’s looking like it wants to quite heartless.  And maybe I’m okay with that.

Episode one of this show didn’t really end on much of a cliffhanger. Eita’s childhood friend, Chiwa catches up with him and his new “girlfriend”/slave owner. And episode two continues that conversation, as Chiwa aggressively tries to confront her, but is easily evaded by the smooth and malleable Masuzu. Afterwards we get to see Chiwa’s fast and pitiful transformation into a chick desperate for attention. It’s annoying enough when a woman does this on her own. But when someone who is apparently as clueless as Chiwa does it, it just becomes something you want to stop, quickly. Preferably it should be done with a shotgun.

Strangely at first, Masuzu takes strong notice of her and wants to do something to improve her plight. Perhaps it was seeing Eita worried, or just seeing Chiwa flop around like a desperate fish at the Apollo, but something clicked. A club is formed by her (and of course, begrudgingly Eita) to improve the plight of “young maidens”. I prefer to call it The Young Harlots Society, or A Home for Tarts, but whatev.

She invites Chiwas to the clubhouse to simultaneously ambush her and Eita. Using Eita’s notebook (which seems to have a plethora of ideas), she embarrasses Eita into a tub of goo, and somehow inspires to Chiwa to take on one of the most vapid and pretentious tasks I’ve ever seen; lugging around an empty guitar case to become more popular and get a cool boyfriend. And push comes to shove, Masuzu’s poorly laid plans fail spectacularly as the talent-less (and apparently very boring) Chiwa attempts to play off her ignorance and lies. And while Eita exorcises his full empathetic abilities, Masuzu does just the opposite, laughing at the disaster that she’s created.

You’d expect there to be a confrontation after that, I know I did, but that wasn’t the case. Chiwa showed right back up there after school. And after confronting Masuzu again about Eita, Chiwa once again is deflected in rerouted. Masuzu then uses the alone time she has with Eita to this time confront him about Chiwa. It’s a bit of a sad story. Apparently Chiwa was a talented, athletic and ambitious girl who suffered a horrible spinal injury. It sounds that she may have even had to relearn to walk. It explains Eita’s big brother-like attitude even more now. But it also makes things clear to Masuzu that she doesn’t just have a “hanger-on” in Chiwa, but she likely has a rival, and someone that could cause the nice Eita to screw up her carefully laid plans. The scene at the end of the episode where she whispers her ironclad will into his ear is probably my favorite scene of the episode.

I’m starting to like Masuzu in a weird way. Even though the goal of this show is probably to melt the hearts of the two main protagonists, Eita and Masuzu, I still enjoy and want to see how heartless and cruel she can be. In my opinion it will add some proper depth to this show, despite my being able to see where this is going. If real emotion can be squeezed out of what I thought was a turnip, then I’ll be happy.

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