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OreShura ep1: painfully boring, delightfully evil

I know I’m gonna regret making that statement one day. I just know it. Absolutes don’t work well for me. But OreShura inspired me to make that statement. I love anime, I really do. But sometimes I think I place too much hope for the medium. I think I forget that it’s a business sometimes and romanticize it. I complain about how little it changes from time to time. About how I grow tired of so many tropes and traditions (this coming from a Gundam) that permeate the medium to its core. I wish for more LBGT characters to be featured as normal parts of a series as opposed to being the standouts or freak shows of a series. I complain about everything taking place in a GD high school, and every series being kicked off by a mysterious transfer student. I complain about how the characters almost always live by themselves and how characters in anime seem to have a near impossible time getting over their hang ups, especially childhood ones. But overall I still love anime. That’s why I sat through an entire episode of OreShura. My complaints are bigger than this show, but I can’t help but allow them to reflect on my opinion.

OreShura starts off weirdly enough with the main character imagining he’s a knight in a medieval, magical realms with dragons. I immediately thought that would make for an interesting anime. Though I knew this was some daydream. I was spot on as the main character painfully wakes up from a late afternoon nap. I honestly don’t remember much of the first near ten minutes of the show because it was just so bloody boring. He hangs out with his cutesy childhood friend, Chiwa and goes about his boring routine of studying and shunning most everything else. I honestly don’t know why she hangs around him because he seems like such a wet blanket. The only interesting thing I guess is that he’s very bitter about his parents’ divorce and their endeavors to move on from their marriage and somehow leave him behind. Sheesh! What a pair of dicks!

The story doesn’t even attempt to pick up until the transfer student (ugh, another one!) Masuzu shows up and ends up sitting next to him. Of course she’s the hottest girl in the school and appears to have a thing for him. She very, very publicly asks him to walk to school with her. Hell! She proclaims her burning passion. I couldn’t tell what her deal was, whether she’s nuts, stupid or uniquely enamored. But I didn’t trust her.

It turns out that the main character, Eita and Masuzu are very much alike. They both hate love. Which I think makes both of them very boring people and useless human beings, but that’s beside the point. She’s a calculating girl who has picked out the boring, love hating Eita to be her faux boyfriend. When he refuses, she has a back up plan and whips out his diary (or journal), revealing his plot for his stupid medieval fantasy story. She’s blackmailed him into being her boyfriend. Brilliant on her part. End of episode.

This show leaves me with a very vexing problem. It comes from not being able to objectively look at something and judge it because I fall in love with a concept or the show’s potential. Plus I’ve generally learned to stay away from any series that starts with the word “ore”. It troubles me that in the first episode the series had this long stretch of just not being interesting at all. It never really stood out when it came to animation, characters, chemistry, comedy, sexiness or music. I’d probably say this episode was kinda bad.

Anything good I derived from this show came from my own mind. I could sympathize with Eita and his bitterness towards love and his parents. Divorce is a hard thing. And it had to hurt the way his parents chose to deal with it and him. I’m intrigued to know why Masuzu has the same stance. Is it because she’s so attractive, and because she’s constantly bothered because of it that she chooses to shun love. Or has she dealt with a deep trauma as well? I’m intrigued by the potential love triangle with the childhood friend. Though I know she’s doomed because guys usually go for the more exotic, mysterious, interesting chick. And she seems to be horribly outclassed.

It’s all in my mind. So I’m actually shocked that I’m telling myself and anyone else that I’m gonna give this series a shot. I could wait to see if it turns into something good by listening to the opinions of people I know on Twitter and blogs. But I want to see how this develops for myself. And if it does turn out to be terrible, I could always draw some pleasure out of it with mean, uber-critical review of it after five episodes.

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