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#PhantomRequiem ep1: dem masks is kinda sexy. #anime

You ever been so far behind on something that it’s kinda embarrassing.  Missed a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment and hadn’t made of that missed appointment in years?  Or you’re late getting somebody a present and giving them a call to congratulate them on something?  Well if you have then you know how I feel about some of my anime watching.  I’m so embarrassingly behind on series I should have finished by now, that I make things worse by picking up new series, or in this case “classic” series. Oh Black Lagoon, I know it’s a crime
that I haven’t seen you in months. But I promise that I WILL watch you again, soon!

I’m picking up people’s recommendations left and right . First it was for a shoujo.  This time it’s a recommendation for something more dramatic.  I’m a huge fan of Noir.  I’ll defend that show like a rabbid hound.  So I’ve had people recommend series like Gunslinger Girls and Phantom for years.  I just never picked them up because I had no interest in expanding my horizons.  I was very satisfied with the series, and thought that I didn’t need anything else.  But then again, what kinda anime fan doesn’t watch more anime?  I finally cracked and have added Phantom to my queue.  AndI’m not disappointed so far.

Brace for some heavy paraphrasing now.  It appears that this group calling itself Inferno is going around not only being fashionable and pompous, while looking bored all at the same time, but they are employing top assassins, brainwashed assassins to take out important people.  For what purpose, I have no idea.  All I’ve grasped is that they employ some pretty cold-hearted and badass assassins.  A girl named Ein, and a guy named Zwei who appear to have no memories or identity aside from the ones they gained while being killers. We’re given a nice little origin story about how Zwei was acquired, tested and introduced into the group.

Most of the rest of it is cryptic, first episode anime bullsh*t.  A lot of dramatic, wanna-be poetic, self important dialogue.  Though I have to admit that this is a pretty nice anime dub. That ridiculous dialogue (which isn’t anything new or special for any anime) is delivered very competently by the voice talent for this show.  Not once did I cringe at bad, or awkward voice. Though I’m still no fan of the accents that have popped up in the show.  A good dub is as important as smooth pavement on a road.  If it’s good, it will make the trip that much more easier to watch and eventually complete.

I didn’t watch the show exclusively for the dub though.  The animation is quite nice.  They definitely know how to draw some proper boobs.  And the animation moves smoothly.  The music is OK with me getting excited about some of the background themes.  The OP was adequate.  And the ED theme is horrible. I don’t like it.

I’ll easily give this show a fair five episode test.  The competently done dub makes this task quite manageable.  Plus violence and sexy imagery is always a healthy, winning formula when you’re trying to get an American to watch something.

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  1. Mentar
    January 6, 2013 at 08:32

    Enjoy the ride 😉

    Phantom is primarily hard, harsh drama in a dystopic setting. If you liked Noir, then you should enjoy Phantom too, though it is much, much meaner.

    Looking forward to hear from you how you liked it.

    • January 6, 2013 at 17:54

      Well I’ve seen the show get scored very high and very low, so I think I’m prepared for anything the show is gonna throw at me. But then again, my next post could be a rage one where I’m all pissed off at a plot twist or character death.

      Thanks for the comment.

  1. February 3, 2013 at 13:32

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