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#Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep1: I just came here to kill you, but since you have gorgeous eyes and milk bombs we’ll truce. #anime

Welcome to the wonderful world of good/bad anime. Where you can’t tell if the series you’re intrigued by will ascend the staircase to heaven, or slip and fall down the muddy slopes refuge and failure.  Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (or Maoyuu as I’ll call it until something better comes up) has firmly entrenched itself in this niche with its first episode.

Well the foundation for this series starts off in an awesome enough way.  There’s a long ongoing war between demons and humans. It doesn’t get into the specifics on how this mess got started, but I’m sure that will become ever more important as the series goes on.  Things are in a virtual stalemate until a party of four human warriors start cutting their way towards the demon kingdom.  Their progress is amazing, but it’s not enough for the leader of the group who leaves his party behind to put an end once and for all to the war by assassinating the Demon King on his own.

Cue the super-duper awkwardness. The Hero makes his way to the Demon King’s castle only to find an empty shell leading to his supposed ferocious opponent.  Turns out that the Demon King is actually a very bright and hopeful woman with “milkiness” for days.  She propositions the Hero in a not very demon way, with facts! Facts! Turns out the Hero isn’t a very smart dude. All brawn is a good way to get the point across. But they have something in common.  The Hero too wants the war to end very badly, and her talk of a contract and working together to make the world a better place appeals to him.  He’s also met with shock and disgust when she reveals to him that both of their kingdoms are actually benefiting from the war. A war economy to precise.  It reminds me of some of the babble from one of my favorite PS3 games, Metal Gear Solid 4.  The prosperity of the nobles and their nations as a whole depends on the sacrifices of lives to war.  Rich countries get richer, poor countries are allowed to survive and there’s no good alternative when the alternative is to let hundreds of thousands starve or internal war when there’s nothing to replace the war economy.

The Hero and the Demon King bonding ended up being a nice moment.  Though it felt very awkward in the beginning.  There’s no real build up to their meeting aside from all the  background on the world the series takes place.  I would have liked to see the Hero or his compatriots in action.  What little action I saw was really just a tease.

Speaking of his compatriots.  We presumably see all three of them in this episode.  And two of them are tackling the all important question of what to do with the news of their leader abandoning them.  It could paint him as a traitor or a coward.  And just the fact that they don’t that he’s now formed an alliance with the leader of their enemy is a huge problem.

This episode has left with me with a lot to think about and look forward to in the coming weeks.  I know some people are reading the manga(s) it’s based on right now.  Hopefully this show is a faithful portrayal, and hopefully this show is as smart as my imagination wants it to be.  I’ll give this series a definite five episode test.
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