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Binbougami ga! ep1: good fortune weighs heavily on your chest

Crazy recommendation number 3!  Binbougami ga!  And boy did I get side swiped by this show.

It’s pretty well know that many Japanese believe that spirits/gods reside in everything around us.  That kind of viewpoint tends to put other polytheistic religions to shame.  You have plenty of religions where gods take credit for harvests, the Sun, the Moon, pregnancies, emotions, the concept of war (a personal fave of mine) and many other things.  But I don’t think I’ve heard of a god of just direct misfortune.  And what do you know?  The anime has one… or two.  I can’t tell if both the little chick and the big chick are gods or what.  Anyway, the little chick Momiji is a poverty god, I guess a branch of the misfortune god family tree.  She really has a sh*tty personality, and terrible manners.  And she’s given the task of correcting a imbalance in the human world.

Apparently, there is this freakishly fortunate teenager named, Ichiko Sakura who is gaining her lavish life through the unintentional leeching of good fortune from those around her.  The guys love her, worship her and protect her as if she were a queen bee.  Ichiko even has the pinnacle of good fortune in anime, huge boobs!  On top of that she’s rich and has her own butler.  And smarts to top it off.

Of course all this good fortune doesn’t come without some hater baggage.  She basically has no friends, and a good portion of the female populace seems to hate her.  But superficially, things go her way in a landslide.  It leads to this weird kind of bitterness that she keeps suppressed inside.

Enter Momiji.  Once the two of them meet up this episode really picks up and shines.  It was fast paced without being too goofy and random.  And at the end was much more heartfelt than I was expected.  It also shows the potential to be at least a little dark.  That’s always a bonus in my book.  It’s a little hard to explain, but I really liked this episode.  It’s an interesting twist I haven’t seen before.  A girl with TOO MUCH good fortune becomes a problem, a dangerous threat to those around her.  She’s sort of like the boss, main villain of the series.  And the haggard Momiji, who looks like some crestfallen poltergeist is potentially the hero of this series, doing her best to set things right and save the people around Ichiko.  It feels so refreshing!

Realistically, I can see this series taking a Odd Couple kinda vibe, with the two main characters battling things out weekly, but still sitting down to eat and relax together at the end of their shift like the wolf and the sheep dog in those old Looney Tunes cartoons.  I’m afraid to say I have high hopes for this series just based on this very entertaining and refreshing one episode.  I’ll give Binbougami ga! five episodes to see if it can consistently maintain this quality.

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