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#SukitteIinayo ep1: there is no police in anime.

Or the title could be “Nothing begins until you’re ready.  Because I haven’t been ready to write a damn blog post in forever.

A friend recommended this show to me when I was griping about all the anime I was missing out on during the Fall run, and how I couldn’t keep up with anyone’s conversations on anything anymore.  Shoujo, fluffy, pillowy stuff like this generally doesn’t get my attention, but there are exceptions.  Kimi ni Todoke being a recent example.  And even though Muv-Luv seems to be the only thing that has been able to convince me to watch it during this buys winter, I’m gonna try and branch out again.  Maybe I’ll even finish a damn series or two.

Sukitte Ii na yo appears to be one of those shows that takes a downtrodden, traumatized or socially inept girl and cures her of her social ails with an impossibly great guy.  Mei Tachibana is that shipwreck of a female.  And Yamato Kurosawa is that golden angel of a dude.  But so far Mai doesn’t tax my patience with a passive attitude that makes me doubt her intelligence.  She’s just damn bitter.  And I can respect that.  When you get screwed over as a child you remember that.  And Mai does too, to a fault and to a definite extreme.  Forget not
having a boyfriend. She’s dangerously passive aggressive.  When Yamato’s idiot best bud, Kenji, decides to push her buttons she goes off!  Accidental or not.

I find it pretty funny how Yamato is instantly and magically attracted to this girl who doesn’t talk. Insert jokes where you will (because I’m lazy), it’s pretty ridiculous.  Then again, love stories aren’t supposed to be logical.  In story telling that makes them boring, appear fake, and appear less than human.  I think of the relationship of Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED) as a good example of one of those boring logical relationships.  So I’m willing to go with how the relationship between these two starts.

This show seems pretty standard up until Mei finds out that she has a stalker.  Sheesh! Dude is pretty creepy.  And his life must be pretty sad to be going around following cute little high school girls (she’s not even that cute).  He ends up following her to the convenience store where he waits outside, less than unnoticed.

This is the part that gets me: instead of calling the police saying I need an escort because this creepy dude has been follwoing me for like an hour, she calls Yamato.  He slipped her his number earlier in the episode while trying to apologize to her for his idiot friend (who got HIM kicked by the way).  Well, Yamato being the good guy he is rushes to the convenience mart (with his man-purse) and escorts her out.  When the stalker confronts them and asks who this guy is to Mei (as if that’s any of his damn business), Yamato slaps a big wet one on Mei’s

Wow. From stalking to sexual assault, way to go there Yamato.

Anyway, it works like a charm as the loser stalker cries tears of butthurt and shame and runs off.  The episode pretty much ends there.  And I’m assuming that Mei will haul off and slap the sh*t out of Yamato when episode 2 finishes its recap.  But I can’t hate on Yamato taking what he wants… I mean helping who he wants.  I’d be pretty proud of myself if I pulled off a stunt like that.

Saved girl from stalker/potential kidnapper & rapist?  Stuck tongue down saved girl’s throat?  Yeah, it was a good day.  Pardon me while I walk to a mirror and worship my own awesomeness.

First impression, decent show that I may actually enjoy more with a female companion who has a basic understanding of anime.  It’s a recommendation almost full of tacitness.  I’ll give this a five episode test just out of respect for my friend, because otherwise I would have completely overlooked this show.
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