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#Muvluv ep12: the price of failure is getting your face chewed off. #anime

And there’s no glory in that. But I must say, corporal Yamamoto did
quite well for someone who was so obviously “red-shirted”. In the
end, it appears he was done in by faulty Soviet construction. I
salute you corporal Yamamoto. You did not die with the swelling music
and fanfare of Seric Abis. You cried and screamed as you were eaten.
And probably died a virgin, but you did your damn job. And that’s
what matters.

I was a little surprised when the episode pretty much opened with Yui
having a flashback to her days in school. And I found it kind of
ironic how they were chatting in class during the part they probably
most needed to pay attention towards. I almost missed it myself
actually and had to go back and listen again. The smaller the BETA,
the more likely it is to pay attention to a single ordinary human.
And here Yui and Yamamoto were, hiding, surrounded by the very
creatures most likely to break in and kill them.

It doesn’t take long for those nightmares to break in either. And Yui
never did get the job done. In the end she is saved Yuuya in classic
Kira Yamato “just-in-time” style. And then we have to watch as the
episode slows down to a crawl. You would think that with an army
decending on the base, Yuuya and Yui would step up the f*cking pace a
bit and spend less time debating and staring at each other. It looks
like they may bite them in the ass, too. As the episode ends, we see
that the BETA are focusing on their location en masse. It even looks
like one of those infamous heavy Laser-class BETA have joined the
party as well. I’d hate to see any of them (especially that gorgeous
Swede Stella) die a sh*tty death at that base because of those Soviet
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