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Gundam AGE ep48: to meet your makers and live up to your predecessors. You are a failure, Zeheart Gallette.

This show has plowed through its funk.  Though much like the character mentioned in the title of this post, it did it at great sacrifice.  This episode tossed about a half dozen named characters out the window.  Major ones.  And now it’s left with the bear essentials.  The Asuno family, the cursed treasure and two broken worlds.

This was an outstanding episode for the series.  You could see Zeheart for awhile now buckling under the stress of carrying on Lord Ezelcant’s dreams, while fighting with his own gentle heart.  But just like that moment a few episodes back where I railed on him for not standing up for his own beliefs and buckling in the face of Ezelcant’s aura and pressure, I’m gonna tear into him for dumping everything he held onto and made him a good person to attain this failed goals.

Zeheart’s answer to this ugly stalemate is to sacrifice his forces to take out his most petulant, and enduring foes.  The Gundams.  The Asunos.  And the Diva.  He even commisions Fram to be the person to box the Gundam FX in, essentially sacrificing her life with that very order.  And she does one hell of a job doing so as well.  The only thing stopping her being Asemu’s timely interruption.  But unlike the first surprise attack using La Gramis, the Feddies catch on to his scheme in time.  In a move I didn’t see coming, Asemu and Flit work together perfectly to evacuate the Diva’s crew and save themselves.  Another surprise was Obright.  Taking out two of the Vagan aces, that Leil guy and amazingly Fram, too!  This normally quiet, grizzled vet had one last moment to shine.  It was a great and surprising moment.

As for Fram, she died, but did so believing that she had helped Zeheart attain his goals, wholeheartedly.  She and he even had a beautiful Newtype death conversation that was beautiful and worthy of something out of Char’s Counterattack.  Too bad it was a failure as the Diva’s crew evacuated onto Asemu’s pirate ship without them knowing, and the Gundams worked together to escape the blast just in time.  Zeheart had essentially sacrificed his most cherished allies (& that piece of sh*t, Zanald) for nothing.  That realization was too much for him to bear apparently as he seemed to suffer a mental breakdown and then took off to finish the Gundams himself.  It was almost hilarious how quickly he was taken out when caught off his game.  And appropriately it was done by Asemu.  I wanted this turn of events badly.  Especially since I always thought Zeheart was an arrogant, priviledged, spoiled, undeserving and incompetent commander of soldiers.  A great pilot (which disappointingly shine through this episode), but just a guy that did not deserve the hype and loyalty that surrounded him.  But when Asemu killed him, I wasn’t that satisfied.  Maybe it was the fact that things played out so quickly between the two this one last time.  Sure, they’ve done this dance several times before, but I wanted more from the only remaining true rivals in this show.  It was a good scene though.

So goodbye Jonathan, you were a decent pilot and I applaud your tenacity and competence.  You were part of one of the, if not the best grunt team of mobile suit pilots I’ve seen.  Goodbye Obright.  I’m glad you got a bit of vengeance before you passed on.  Your story was truly a harsh and sad one.  Glad you’ll be getting some rest now.  Goodbye Leil.  You looked like a douche, but you were a pretty loyal and awesome guy in the end, sticking by Fram like that.  Goodbye Fram.  You turned out to be a pretty good female character in a show known for having TERRIBLE ones.  I’m sorry you had to fall for such a loser like Zeheart.  Your skills and tenacity would have made your predecessor, Haman Karn and her Quebeley proud.  I just wish you had survived long enough to see you in command one day.

And finally goodbye Zeheart Gallette.  You are an incompetent, weak-willed fool.  More hype than substance.  More skill, than strategy.  Your predecessors, Char Aznable, Milliardo Peacecraft, Harry Ord, and Rau Le Creuset would all laugh at your inability to get results or think for yourself.  You threw away what made you who you were for a dream I don’t even believe you believed in.  And in the end died like a fool.  Goodbye.  Good riddance you waste of what could have been a perfectly good character.

  1. sadakups
    September 17, 2012 at 20:08

    Know what, the REAL reason why Zeheart had to sacrifice his forces to destroy the Gundams and the Diva was actually to fuck Zanald off. Thinking about that makes me feel bad for Fram now. Especially that Asem fucked that plan.

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