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#GundamAGE ep47: a little bloodlust goes a long way. #anime

This was a pretty damn entertaining episode! Firstly we got to see
Seric be awesome again and take out that vengeful idiot in the mobile
armor, though it did end up being his downfall. Lesson to the wise,
if you’re in an anime and your attack covers your opponent in a cloud
of smoke, then you are NOT safe! It’s such a shame too, everything he
did was to better the team and especially the captain. Then he has to
be killed by the woman and the ship he protected so much. I knew
there was a reason I never pushed to ship the two of them.

On the other end of the battlefield we have Kio meeting Deen in the
aftermath of the Diva’s cannon blast. Deen showed himself to be a
pretty vicious fighter, but he’s all too obviously no threat to Kio
and his Gundam. The only thing that disappointed me was how much of a
throwaway character he ended up being, just like his sister. His
useless, useless sister. It was so predictable. Zanald comes in
after Kio’s disarmament of Deen and just plows right through him. As
if that was ever necessary. Despite this show’s brisk pace, it seems
to be incredibly proficient at giving Zanald screen time and making
sure we hate this dude.

But that leads to the best part of this episode; Kio going ape-sh*t
(pun heavily intended because of his gorilla-like opponent) and
unleashes the full burst mode for the FX. I honestly thought Sid’s
return would be the thing to do that. But I will admit I called that

In the end, Kio conveniently avoids taking a life when he snaps to his
senses just in time to not deliver the final blow. Though Zanald was
lucky to escape this mobile suit’s own explosion. I guess we can
chalk that up to the suits own incredible girth and durability. So
the show even in a dark moment can’t seem to let Kio off the leash.
*sigh* Here’s to hoping the next episode can succeed there.

Goodbye Seric Abis! You are undoubtedly one of the most useful and
competent characters in the history of Gundam. And that’s saying a
lot. You’ll be missed.
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