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#GundamAGE ep46: there is such a thing as being too idealistic, and too ambitious. #anime

Catching up with Gundam after some stressful time at work. And I’m
feeling pretty good about it. I guess the final battle started in
earnest this episode. And it wastes no time mixing things up.
Zeheart is now fully at the helm, but despite Ezelcant’s personal
orders and recommendations, Zanald’s still a hater. As Kio tangles
with Fram and Zeheart, he decides to stage his own little coup right
there. What a moron. I guess his only goal is to get to the top.
And he doesn’t even have enough respect for Ezelcant to follow a dying
wish. I think the same will be true for Zera, Ezelcant’s apparent
clone. Ezelcant states that Zeheart has inherited his soul and
dreams, while Zera has not. And he may mean this in quite a literal
way. We’ll see.

As for Kio, looks like they’re pushing him back to the front of the
series. Though I find it less than compelling to care about him and
his relationships when he’s been so obnoxiously idealistic, naive and
inept so far. All that good breeding and guidance seems to have gone
to waste. And want to blame some of that on the show’s brisk pacing.
Then again, that brisk pacing may have saved me from more episodes of
Kio and “his ways”. I can somewhat understand him wanting to defend
his friends. God knows those grunts need it. And the FX is a very
aptly equipped defensive unit, but some sense has to be applied here.
I just worry that the show is going to bail him out of the
consequences of this die hard strategy. The kiddy aspects of this
show are wearing on me to this point.
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