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#MuvLuv ep9: you’re all expendable. Especially you – Jacob! #anime

While the events of this week’s episode of Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse don’t excuse the gang rape attempt from the previous episode.  I think everyone understands their plight a bit more.  We finally get a some good TSF on BETA bloodshed, and we see what the front lines are like in this current timeline.  And I think everyone’s better off for it, except for Jacob.  Jacob’s dead.

Thank goodness. We finally get a return to warfare in this series.  And the funny thing was that apparently things went pretty smoothly this time around. Unlike when Japan was invaded, it seems like the situation was much more controlled (relatively speaking) this time around.  Those damned laser class BETA were no where to be found.  And it appears that ridiculous radiation gun did the trick.  Though I’m pretty sure no one will be able to walk on that beach again for 50 – 75 years without risking cancer.

Seeing the pilots under the Thunder God’s command fight really showed how they were a close and desperate group of kids.  And she’s probably
the closest thing they have to a mother at the moment.  Maybe that’s a little too far, but she did a hell of a job keeping them in line in the worst circumstance.

Some final thoughts; I don’t have any doubt that they’re mind wiping Chryska (I can’t ever remember how to spell her name), and it makes me
a little uncomfortable about how calm Inia is about it.  I say that because it doesn’t seem as though she’s forgotten a single thing.  Also, it’s a bit annoying how dere~dere Yui is becoming for Yuuya.  I know they’re starting to bond, and they’ve probably both had the hots for each other, but she’s melting a bit too easily for my taste. That said, it’s still not going overboard.  And I’m happy to see how the team has been bonding.  I’m sure that will help marinate the despair for when comrades inevitably go down.  Just like Jacob.
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