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#MuvLuv ep8: the team is coming together, while the world is falling apart. #anime

I’m glad to see that Yuuya and Yui are getting along better, and working together finally. It almost feels like a good old rational relationship. Something that is pretty rare in the anime I watch now.  It appears that there’s a crossroads coming in this show.  Or maybe this is the long build up to a finale.  The test pilots are going to be working together to help quell an invasion.  And a new weapon is being deployed.  And I’m of the belief that possibly some of the test pilots won’t make it back alive.  As stated, for Yuuya at least, there’s a lack of actual combat experience in the group.

The Soviets really suck in this show.  I thought they were bad on the test base.  But it seems that ethnic differences are what rule the roost on this base.  Being Soviet means nothing there apparently.  Those jealous douchebag kids looked like they were ready to humiliate, beat and rape anything fancy that they saw come on the base.

There’s not much else to go on in this episode.  We get a short glimpse of the Thunder God in action on the front lines in this episode.  And I honestly don’t know why they had to play up her reappearance at the end of the episode.  The only people surprised were the test pilots.  I’m just glad that for the most part everyone kept their pants on and we’re back in the business of mecha combat and despair.
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