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#DogDays S2 ep1: I forgot how embarrassing and fun this show is. And embarrassing. #anime

So Shinku’s back in the land of forest animal people, and I’m pleasantly amused. When I left this show, I wasn’t sure how good it was, or how watchable it would be even a year from now.  But now that it’s back and in my queue, I think I could like with the silly, almost pointless spectacle that ends up on my screen.

Season two seems to be doing classic, by the numbers stuff.  A sequel generally adds more people, increases scope, and will retread some stuff from the previous series to make a connection and show that the show hasn’t changed what it’s all about.

Shinku’s rival and cousin, Nanami represents the increase not only in people, but an interesting new rival (or old rival).  And just as we get used to seeing things play out the way they usually do, we find there’s a third party who wants in on the …well, the party.  Though I can’t tell if it’s a nation of squirrels or foxes. Regardless, she’ll be making a big mistake picking up Betsy for a warrior.  Matter of fact, I’m betting (nothing) that she’ll just be misrepresented as a hostage.

All in all, I’ll definitely be watching this show all the way through.  This series will end pretty quickly and easily just like the last one.  And it makes for a nice easy filler show, even in my busy line up.
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