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Rinne no Lagrange ep17: Freaky Friday!

[Rinne no Lagrange ep16]

Isn’t miscommunication the root of all problems?  It sure is for this series. How do you have two incredibly close familes who are also friends, and no one can seem to get along?  Bad communication.  They had a good understanding, they lost it, and now it seems no one wants it back.  And if Madoka doesn’t get them to see that point, then no one may have a place to feud.  Also, King Dizelmine is a sneaky douchebag.  And I thought Moid was the snake….

It’s so obvious from the beginning that what Madoka, Lan (woof!) and Muginami are doing is playing into Dizelmine’s hands.  Madoka thinks that Dizelmine doesn’t want them to see Yurikano, but it’s quite the opposite.  He wines and dines and flatters them.  He puts them in the latest dresses, and puts on airs as if he’s being truly sincere and pleasant.  In reality, he was just giving them time to settle down so he could get Madoka alone.  In no time at all the little idiot is in a chair, strapped down and probed.

Lan (woof!) and Muginami aren’t as smart as Dizelmine by any stretch, but at least they were smart enough to come up with a plan to get up with Madoka and into the room where Yurikano was hidden away (thank god for air ducts right?).  For a moment I really believed that Lan had sold Muginami out for her brother.  But I should’ve known better.  The change was way too quick and calm.  I have to say, those two impressed me a little.

Dizelmine’s plan is two merge Madoka’s and Yurikano’s personalities, so he can unleash the Rinne and destroy De Metrio.  Saving his home planet in the process.  It turns out that Yurikano purposely sealed herself away in the Rinne to protect her brother and people, in hopes that the loss of her power would stop the fighting.  Well that was quite clearly a big fat failure.  Madoka is merged with Yurikano in a weird Evangelion-like ego melting experiment.  She gets to see what Yurikano was doing before she disappeared.  And then gets to sit on that same nondescript beach that she talked to her on before.

Yurikano is stubborn, and steadfast in her belief that her sacrifice was worth and the right thing to do.  Madoka, having been on the outside, tells her that no only was it something that was against her will, but that her sacrifice hasn’t done anything except deepen the suffering.  The argument turns so intractable that it’s about to break down into a slugfest before Muginami breaks into the room.  The problem is, that I think Dizelmine’s experiment has worked, and Yurikano and Madoka are in each other’s bodies now.  I’m a little confused as to how this will help Dizelmine, because I can’t imagine either of the girls wanting to do what he wants now.  Or maybe he’s already capable of harnessing the power he needs?

The only hope appears to be Villagulio’s attempt to call out Dizelmine and rescue Yurikano.  Before it seemed like a HORRIBLE idea.  But now it may be the chaos the girls need to get off that ship . It’s just a matter of whether they can get the bodies switched back.

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